Feng Shui Preview 2007
By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.



February 18 starts the Lunar New Year of the Fire Pig. Every year, the planets shift into new locations, influencing us on global and personal levels. The Flying Nine Star Charts allow us to understand these energy cycles. When we know how to activate positive energies and neutralize negative energies, we are better able to keep those New Yearís resolutions and be more progressive in our lives.

The importance of annual feng shui adjustments has been known for generations. Clients who consistently adjust their feng shui every year benefit far more than those who do not. So, give yourself the gift of making a difference in your life next year. Here is a preview of 2007ís Nine Star energies in our homes and offices.

For those who belong to the Eastern Direction Pattern based on your birth date, the stars in the north, south, east and southeast directions show a mix of energies to come. The north and southeast directions both have stars that indicate challenged relationships. If you have a bedroom in the north or southeast, be extra cautious in communications. There is a tendency to say the wrong things, have misunderstandings, be oversensitive, and have arguments that bring stress to love relationships.

Be careful of female ailments, miscarriage and adultery in the north bedroom. Children in the southeast room may be more prone to getting sick or be more accident prone. However, if you have a desk or office in the north or southeast, there is recognition, travel, admirers and promotion especially for females.

In the south and east, the stars are very positive bringing new opportunities, wealth and expansion or promotion, especially to the young lady. If you need to pass a license exam or get that new job or raise, use the south or east door and office.

A household with a father or eldest son in the south or the east room may be prone to conflicts and tension with each other, especially if they are also born in the opposing zodiacs of the pig and snake or tiger and money. The elderly need take care to avoid injury to their bones if they sleep in the south or east room.

If you belong to the Western Direction Pattern, the west, southwest, northwest and northeast directions have stars that indicate wealth to come in, but often at the expense of health. So, in general, Western Direction Pattern persons need to focus on health and well-being in 2007 because without health, wealth is an illusion.

The northeast direction has the notorious 5 star this year which brings unexpected ailments related to the back, spine or bones. This is especially true for the elderly female and young children. They should avoid sleeping in the northeast room. Keep the northeast rooms free of clutter and get rid of potentially hazardous items such as open fire, dangling cords, frayed wires or sharp metal objects.

If the kitchen or laundry room is in the northeast, check for gas leaks, clean out exhaust pipes and replace old batteries in fire alarms. Avoid burning candles in the northeast room. Do not do any major remodeling or groundbreaking in the northeast sector. With proper adjustments, the northeast direction still has positive energies over the 20-year cycle that brings stable wealth and helpful people.

The southwest direction is similar in that its energies also bring in wealth especially related to real estate, however, when money is good, there are troublemakers or health tends to be bad. Real estate offices located in the southwest room bring good deals and profits. The northwest room or door brings prestige, power and stable money. Still, no matter how good, do not take health and relationships for granted.

When time and money allows, invest in your health and show appreciation to those who help you, or you may be the victim of jealousy and gossip. The stars in the west also bring prosperous opportunities; however, there tends to be aggression, competition, and conflicts over money matters especially between females. Be careful of adultery or troublesome females in the west room.

Whether we are aware of them of not, every year, every month, every day, our feng shui and the cycles of the Nine Stars affect our life experiences and choices. They can create phenomenal opportunities or frustrating setbacks towards our personal goals. It makes sense for us to set a stage where we can play the lead role rather than be a bystander watching the best parts go by. This preview by no means covers all the aspects for 2007.

Remember to get expert advice on how to activate positive energies and release negative energies through feng shui adjustments by using proper items, crystals, colors, symbols and Chi Art related to the Five Elements of fire, wood, water, earth and metal that is customized to you, your family and your home every year.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Awarded for her Masterís Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information, please see her website at www.Liu-FengShui.com  or call (626) 272-4901.

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