(Six-CD boxed set)
By Sobonfu Somé
With a pleasant and soft background of drumming and chanting to accompany the author’s lilting voice, as well as poetry in an ancient language, it didn’t seem like almost seven hours of listening. Sobonfu Some, whose name means “keeper of the rituals”, is a teacher of African women’s spirituality. Empowered by her elders to spread their authentic teachings, she brings us to the world of the Dagara tribe of West Africa, where women are valued as the source of the world’s wisdom.

All children, and especially the girls in their community, come with a natural gift that is already a very special connection to the indigenous woman. Life cycles are honored with ceremony and are considered an important part of community and life. Somé gives us detail on the teachings, their meaning, how they help us to live in unity with our environment, as well as to find sacred energy within ourselves.

With advice on how to honor sacred spaces in your home, how to draw upon your dreams for guidance and encouragement, as well as how to create balance in our professional lives, this sound guidance and tribal history of tradition will help you reconnect with your inner spirit and explore our internal energies.

Published by Sounds True, this CD set is available at your local bookstore or
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

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