Bowling Balls from Heaven
By Robin D. Duncan, CI, Exec. Director, The Miracle Center of California



Take a moment to think of that one person who has brought you many challenges. You know the one. They are the one who reminds you that you are not being enough or doing enough. Maybe they have been subtle in their judgments or maybe they haven’t. You might have spent a large part of your life trying to avoid them or perhaps win them over. No matter how hard you try, they are never convinced. Every encounter has the same result; a lingering feeling of inadequacy.

This may not apply to everyone, but there are enough people in this situation that it warrants discussion. Maybe the judgmental person towards you… is you. Whatever the case may be, there is a wonderful reason why this “challenging person or antagonist” is in your life. As crazy as it sounds, they are your portal to healing and happiness.

In the relationship game, there are some unwritten rules of engagement. Imagine for a moment that you have a satchel of bowling balls over your shoulder. The bowling balls are heavy and burdensome. Each one of the bowling balls represents a negative belief you have about yourself. You carry the heavy balls (beliefs) with you wherever you go. They add extra weight and stress, but you are used to it... so you don’t really notice. The satchel is designed so that you cannot reach the balls yourself.

The only way to lighten your load is to have “other people” reach in and pull the balls out for you. They show you the balls one at a time. Each represents one of your negative beliefs about yourself. If you agree with the belief, then the ball is promptly returned to your bag, to be pulled out by the next person. If you question the negative belief, even once, the ball is laid down on the ground and your load is lightened forever.

For example, imagine a family member tells you that you are not doing enough for them. You immediately feel the weight of their concern, yet what has really happened is that they have pulled a bowling ball out of your satchel. This particular ball represents the thought, “I am not enough.”  Your beloved family member is showing your belief to you, a mirrored reflection, so that you can make a new choice and lighten your load.

At the moment they present the ball to you, you have three options. One option is to agree with their assessment and the heavy ball is quickly dropped back into your bag. The second option is to argue with them. Defending yourself is a clear indication that you feel threatened and therefore powerless, and again the heavy ball is returned to your bag. But there is another choice.

The third choice is the one that sets you free and allows peace to flood back into your mind. The third choice is to look at the ball containing your negative belief... and be willing to choose again. In the moment that you face this negative belief, allow yourself to remember wholeness instead. You are enough. In fact, you are an infinite, wholly loving being, entitled to all of the treasures of heaven and earth. Even with your greatest mistakes and failures, you have never altered yourself, nor has anyone else ever truly altered you. Your eternal essence was created perfectly and is preserved forever, being invulnerable for all time.

What if, in that moment of judgment, you stopped long enough to question the assessment? What if you allowed the highest and wisest part of your mind to respond for you? This is the choice that lightens your load and sets you free. This is our portal to freedom and, with each encounter, we choose whether it should be widened or narrowed. Each of these challenging people in our lives offers us a great opportunity for healing. They are the ones who are willing to reach in and grab the biggest, ugliest, heaviest balls and present them to us for healing. If we take that moment to remember Truth, instead of validating the illusion, then our bag is lightened and our journey becomes easier. These are the people who offer us heaven.  They mirror our thoughts to us, so we may look at them one at a time, and then set ourselves free.

Take a moment once again to see that “challenging person” in your mind. See them for the blessing they really are. Know that the light is within them, just as it is within you. Be willing to let the facade come down and their true essence be revealed. There is much to be gained from tumultuous relationships. The next time they offer you a bowling ball, pause before you accept or argue… and remember the Truth about yourself instead. Before you know it, the weight is lifted, a smile is returned to your face and a glimpse of heaven is restored to your mind.

Robin D. Duncan is an Instructor for The National Guild of Hypnotists and Director of The Miracle Center of California, a School for Hypnotherapy offering private sessions and classes to the public. Based on A Course in Miracles and curriculum from The National Guild of Hypnotists, The Miracle Center is located at 1801 E. Heim Ave., Suite 100, Orange, CA 92865. (714) 282-9174 or (888) 773-9174

(Copyright 2006)

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