By Revs. Sandy and Kirk Moore



Rev. Sandy and Kirk Moore are the co-founders of the Center for Universal Truth in San Juan Capistrano. They established this New Thought spiritual community to bring individuals of various religious and spiritual faiths together so their lives could be empowered by applying practical principals. This column has been developed to allow people the opportunity to seek additional answers about spiritual insights. If you would like to ask them a question, please send it to the Center for Universal Truth, 27121 Calle Arroyo, Suite 2200, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 or visit  Call us at (949) 481-4040.

Q: Why is meditation important for us?

A: Meditation is a time to quiet our mind and still our body. As we do this we are able to focus our heart and be in the present moment. When we are clear and open, we can tap into the presence of Spirit, or God, or our Higher Power. It is through the practice of meditation that we commune with this powerful essence and become a vehicle in which God speaks to us and works through us for the highest good. Meditation is both a healing and enlightening experience.
Joan Michaelson
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Q: If God has created all people as loving beings, why is there so much hatred and killing in the world?

A: We address this question quite often because it is difficult to understand. God does create all people as loving beings. However, God also has given us free will in which to make choices. As we are individualized expressions of God, we each do just that express our individuality. We have been given the divine right to make choices; how we want to think, how we live, how we view life, and how we want to show up in the world.

God is at the center of everything and life would be meaningless without freedom. Unfortunately, not everyone chooses what is highest and best; not everyone makes healthy choices. Therefore, we experience diverse and sometimes harmful actions of others through the choices they have been free to express. However, with every choice there is always a consequence that arises. That is why the majority of us choose to love and do good because the consequence of that action is much more fulfilling.
Charles Tanner
Laguna Beach, CA

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