Ask an Angel...
An Angelic Perspective on Life’s Questions
By Christopher James Dilts



Christopher Dilts communicates with the Angels to receive their loving answers to our most probing spiritual questions, as well as our most practical, down-to-earth concerns about life, love, family and business. The Angels can provide loving answers from the Angelic perspective on any topic. If you have a question, contact us at

Q. What is the difference between asking Angels for help vs. praying directly to God? 

A. The Angels are aspects of God that we can more easily relate to, and they serve God in transmitting his love and grace to us. In essence then, every request to an Angel is a prayer to God and subject to the very same considerations. An answer from an Angel is also an answer from God.

Angels are loving expressions, loving thoughts and loving grace of God given to us in a very special way. The grace an Angel brings to us is formulated, modulated and presented in a way God knows we will be most receptive. The loving presence of an Angel, as an extension of God reaching out to us with love, is a wonderful gift and one that merits our attentiveness. The Angels always guide and assist us to more deeply experience the loving presence of God.

I suggest that you look at the beginning sections of some of the Angel Messages on for samples of how I call upon the Angels and ask them for assistance — which, from my experience is really the same process, and directed to the same ultimate source, as a prayer to God. The Angels are “Messengers of God” and carry the message to us on all levels — word, thought, feeling, emotion, physical sensation, vibration and radiation.

Q. I want to know if in the end I will be with the person I love. We’re not together anymore, but for some reason I feel certain I will be with him again. Why can’t  I forget?

A. Your Guardian Angel, whose name I hear as Gabriella, wants you to know:

“Real love is eternal — once it comes into being and is given, it can never be lost or destroyed. The love you created will always be yours and is a treasure of your own heart. Love is a gift we give to ourselves when we give it to another, and no matter what the other person does with this gift, it remains ours forever.

When you leave this lifetime you will leave everything behind you save one: your soul takes with it all the love given and received in your life and carries it forward forever.”

Remembering and appreciating loving times and feelings is good for the heart as long as there are no negative attachments that interfere with your moving forward into ever greater expressions of love. Let go of any expectations that he return. Free yourself from hoping and wanting a return to love as you knew it in the past. Focus on the love that flows through your own heart. Go forward with a loving, free, generous and overflowing heart. Simple, innocent, pure love attracts love to you in all of love’s forms — including your soulmate.

As you release your expectations that he return to you, you free yourself, and to some degree him as well, for new love to be born and take wing. There are many changes ahead for both of you, and love has its own higher wisdom that will serve you both if you let go and allow it to do so. By trusting the transformative power of love, and keeping the doors of your heart open for love to flow, you will help yourself deepen your understanding and expression of love in all areas of your life.

This is the advice I hear from your Guardian Angel Gabriella:

“Rest assured that an ideal love is on the way to you, and, again, have no expectations as to how he will appear. He will likely come at a time and place and manner that will pleasantly surprise you. You and your last relationship are both in a time of powerful change and evolution. Embrace this evolution and welcome the advancement of your consciousness.

You are preparing yourself for your next adventure in love! Trust the process and have faith in your soul’s wisdom in providing this time for you to reflect and grow on your own. Remember to ask your Guardian Angel for help, but to let love come to you in its own divine time, place and manner.”

Christopher Dilts is an internationally-recognized Angel Intuitive and Healer who has been helping people learn to connect with their Angels for over 10 years. He has facilitated positive change for hundreds of people by helping them develop a deeply personal relationship with their Guiding Angels. For more information about working with your Angels and free Angel Messages, visit or contact Christopher about his Free Teleseminars and Angel Healing Circles and to schedule an individual session: (866) 200-9148 (Toll Free) or email:

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