A Conscious Life & Sustainable World
Conscious Life Expo 2007
By Stephen McCrory



We are living in an evolving universe and an orgasmic nuclear dance of consciousness. Everything is changing, progressing and transforming. Wise men and women through-out history have tried to define the nature of the reality in which we find ourselves. A myriad of models have existed, most of which have fallen into the historical garbage heap while others are still clinging on by a thread. A new generation of spiritual communities and world-renowned individuals are co-creating a new model and pushing through new boundaries we didn’t believe possible in the past. Is it all figured out and defined? No. Do we know some of the elements of what this future model might look like? Yes.

The primary intention of the Conscious Life Conference and Exposition (www.consciouslifeexpo.com) is to participate in the conscious co-creation of a new world; a world based on new paradigms in science, spirituality and global community. This three-day celebration of evolution and consciousness brings with it a num-ber of brainstorming sessions, lectures and panel discussions from many cutting-edge leaders in the conscious living arena. This event will help develop, implement and elaborate who we are, where we are now, and where we are going in the future.

This experience will be the gateway to a higher force for anyone who wants to catapult themselves to a higher state of consciousness. Robert Quicksilver, has continued his visionary tradition producing the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles for five years. It has developed into the premier mind, body, spirit and paranormal show in Southern California, bringing together thousands of participants; and many national and international speakers.

James Twyman, New York Times bestseller and Director of “Indigo Children”, (www.belovedcommunity.com) is set to embark on his Season for Non-Violence tour. He will be appearing at the Expo to perform a peace concert, celebrating the lives of spiritual and iconic peace leaders, Gandhi and Martin Luther King. And Twyman, who brought the Indigo Children movement to the forefront, will have his latest film “Indigo Evolution”, screened at the Conscious Film Festival as part of this expo.

Wisdom teacher, Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa, cutting-edge pioneers and producers of the nationwide “2012 Ascension Conferences”, will bring their outstanding messages from the archangelic realm and share insights about the evolving world, from their current book “2012: You Have A Choice”.

Lisa Garr, host of The Aware Show heard on KPFK, 90.7 FM in Los Angeles and 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara, is an entertaining, forward-thinking radio show host. She will be speaking and conducting a workshop with William Stierle on children’s communication techniques. Stierle is a specialist in “Needs-Based Communication”, a technique that reduces conflict and connects people to life giving communication. Lisa and Bill will be sharing how children can be empowered by participating and expressing their positive vision of the world, and identifying their concerns and dreams for our future.

A spirituality dating expert, Kathryn Alice, ALSC, RScP, (www.kathrynalice.com), author of the upcoming book “Love Will Find You” (Marlowe-Jan 2007) will offer an energetic process to embody this new paradigm and help the enlightened find their soulmate. Kathryn led Agape’s Crisis Support Team for six years. She teaches love workshops through the Learning Annex and at conferences nationwide.

George Noory, world leader in the cutting-edge field of the paranormal and host of Coast to Coast AM’s late night radio show, will be conducting a “meet and greet”. He will be talking about his best-selling new book “Worker In The Light”, co-written with William J. Birnes who will be attending the Expo as part of the UFO panel. (www.ufomag.com)

New York Times best-selling author, Dannion Brinkley, (www.dannion.com) will share his visions for the coming times as well as insights into human empowerment. Sean David Morton and life on Mars expert, Richard Hoagland, will also be sharing their futuristic predictions.

Don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The 4 Agreements”, will make his return after many years out of the public eye. Author Leonard Shlain, will be sharing information about the conflict between word and image from his new book, “The Alphabet Verses The Goddess”. O Magazine contributor, author  and life-empowerment expert, Martha Beck, will offer insights from her latest book, “Finding Your Own North Star”. The Keynote speaker themes include: Ancient Mystery and Modern Enigma, Radical Prosperity, Spiritualizing the Media and Hollywood, Predicting the Future, Health and Healing, and Gaia Consciousness.

The following panel discussions will be open to the public: 2012: The Ending or Beginning, UFO’s: Who are the Extra-Terrestrials?, Spiritual Healing, Hollywood in Transformation, The New Media, and Conscious Aging.

The complexities of politics and war are now more than ever before being embraced by these world leaders. This is being seen by many as a window of opportunity to change the way we think and act in order to construct a world of empowered living.

The positive reflection of this is being seen in mainstream alternative health and healing markets. Over the last couple of years, pioneering companies such as Gaiam, for example, have made huge inroads in this growing industry in the U.S. and the world. If you want to brand, sell or communicate into this market, The Conscious Life Conference and Exposition provides a sufficient platform to bring this growing market to the attention of the world.

The Spiritual Film Festival features cutting-edge producers, directors and writers speaking to the issues of our time. Past Festivals have featured “What the Bleep”, “Celestine Prophecy”, and “Peaceful Warrior”. This year will be featuring “Indigo Evolution” directed by James Twyman, “UFO’s, The Greatest Stories Ever Denied” by Jose Escamilla, “2012 The Odyssey” by Sharron Rose, and “The Secret”.

“Reaching through the Veil to Heal”, Linda Drake’s new book, gives insights on the art of dealing with the loss process through positive communication and the comforting “Life after Life” theory (www.wingsoflightbylinda.com). Vaishali’s “You Are What You Love” has been making huge inroads as an Emanuel Swedenborg-inspired book. (www.purplev.com).  Dannion Brinkley calls this law-of-attraction-themed book, “brilliant”, stating Vaishali has one of the most original slants on spirituality. “You Are What You Love” delivers a secret and poignant message for finding happiness and one’s purpose.

Not only will attendees be able to mingle with like-minded people, but they will enhance their own self-growth by being with experts connected with evolving human empowerment and the global community.

You can purchase tickets for the event, panel discussions and workshops by going to www.consciouslifeexpo.com, or e-mail: visual@consciouslifeexpo.com for more information.

The Conscious Life Conference and Expo will be held February 9-12 at the LAX Hilton, 5711 W. Century Blvd., LA

Stephen McCrory, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a freelance journalist. His debut book, “Beneath An Irish Sky”, will be out in the Spring of 2007. He is also the co-founder of www.thebusinessmuse.com, a publicity, marketing and business consulting firm, helping to define and implement one’s true calling.

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