Women with Wings:  Part 2 
Medical Intuitive and Best-Selling Author Caroline Myss, Ph.D. 
Revolutionizing the field of medicine for the 21st century 
By Maryel McKinley  Ph.D.(c) C.A.D.C., C.A.T.S.



Ever since I read the best sellers, “Anatomy of the Spirit” and “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can” by Dr. Caroline Myss Ph.D., she has become one of my favorite women of the 90’s. Her unprecedented presentation of energy medicine and the role it plays in our health and lives has literally revolutionized the field of medicine as we have known it for the last century. The forerunner in an exciting approach to the way our bodies respond to healing, I can fairly describe her as the Edgar Cayce of the New Millennium.

Setting the pace with her enlightening books and workshops, Caroline describes the healing process as something we take part in at the very core of our beings. Dr. Myss has ingeniously linked the similar roles our chakra system, the sacraments, and the Kabbala play together in an understandable and comprehensive way the layman can relate to.

As a student in Psychology, and as a certified addictions treatment specialist, I have encountered many of the problems that modern medicine can not solve in my efforts to facilitate the healing process with my patients. When I have incorporated the holistic, and sometimes spiritual principles which the field of energy medicine presents, I have found my patients becoming partners in the healing process, rather than just waiting for the medical and psychotherapeutic team to fix them.”

Personally, I am a recovering person who suffers from fibromyalgia and chronic liver disease. Pioneers like Caroline Myss, Depak Chopra, M.D. and Dr. Judith Orloff M.D. (who will be featured in the next Women with Wings series) have become crucial towards my own journey to recovery. Many do not have a clue as to what energy medicine and intuitive healing is. Dr. Myss tells us that “The human body is more energy than it is matter, i.e., the energy in one’s body is a more powerful and important component than its physical structure. This energy or power is networked throughout the body and has specific centers. These centers are located in the seven areas of the body called chakras.

The morning of my interview with Dr. Myss, I was suffering from debilitating effects of the chronic fatigue that my medical condition can present at times. I was nervous that Caroline would empathically pick up my negative energy! So, I played my piano for two hours, and took a long meditative walk on the beach prior to the interview in an effort to clear my negative aura.

In spite of my attempt to mask the negative energy I felt that day, Dr. Myss immediately picked up on my condition and actually diagnosed me by telephone saying she sensed that I “tend to play games with burnout”! She couldn’t have been more accurate with her statement. Furthermore, she picked up on my liver problems and suggested a chakra balancing meditation where I start from the crown chakra, and place all the negative emotions and feelings inherent to each chakra into an imaginary backpack. After 20 minutes of putting castor oil on a piece of flannel pressed over my liver, I imagine the negative energy fields in the backpack to be processed through my liver as I instruct it to leave my body. I then imagine my blood to be purified through the pores. I did this for two weeks and felt better than I had in years.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with the term “chakra” and other professional energy medicine jargon, Dr. Myss thoughtfully put together a list of terms that are available at her workshops. She describes the chakra system as “seven energy fields in the body that contain a particular quality of psychological and soul data.  The chakras are vertically aligned, running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each chakra represents a sacred truth, and a spiritual life lesson or challenge common to all of us. As we master the chakras, we gain power and self-knowledge that becomes integrated into our spirit, advancing us along the path toward spiritual consciousness. A brief summary of the chakras are as follows:

The first chakra located at the base of the torso represents the theme of “All is One” — tribal power, family and social standing. The theme of the second chakra, which is located in the abdomen, is “Honor One Another” — relationship power, partnership, occupation, money and sex. The third chakra theme is “Honor Oneself”. It is located in the groin area and represents individual power, self-esteem and personal power. The fourth chakra, located in the heart center, holds the theme:  “Love is Divine Power” — emotional power, love, forgiveness and compassion. The fifth chakra, which is located in the thyroid area in the neck, means “Surrender Personal Will To Divine Power” — choice, strength of will, personal expression. The sixth chakra, which is on the forehead, or what some people more commonly call the “third eye”, tells us to “Seek Only the truth” — mental power, personal attitudes, beliefs and wisdom. Finally the seventh chakra, located at the crown of the head, means “Live in the Present Moment” — Spiritual power, personal relationship with God.

I can honestly say that Dr. Myss is the most authentic person I have interviewed yet. She is very to the point, and is not afraid to reveal her shadow side. Unlike other popular leaders in the spiritual and alternative health movement, Caroline does not hold herself out to be a perfect enlightened being. Rather, she is quite frank and honest about both her virtues and her vices. I was awed by her ability to fearlessly embrace both her light and shadow side, i.e., she admitted to having vulnerability and weakness in certain areas of her life rather than trying to present herself to be above possessing innate human vices.

Maryel: What does your spiritual practice look like on a daily basis?

Dr. Caroline Myss: I like to live in a state of consciousness in which I am forever engaging in a divine perspective. That is very significant to me, as I am not someone who engages in intense daily meditation, although I think it’s something I lack need.  I have a very deep devotion to a combination of forces including an Avatar named Sai Baba, the Madonna, and Buddha.

Maryel: Does guilt play a role in spirituality?  

Dr. Caroline Myss: I think guilt is spirituality for a lot of people! I think they have a practice in guilt, and then they pray to get out of it. Guilt motivates 99% of human behavior. A combination of guilt, greed and envy motivate behavior, and spirituality cleanses that out, like a detox!

Maryel: Why is there disease and suffering? 

Dr. Caroline Myss: You’re asking me questions that you should ask God. I’m giving you my opinion. First of all we need to think differently when we even think about suffering. We think about suffering in a very suffering way. And, more than likely, from a divine perspective this thing called suffering is no more than a human experience. No different than the thing called pleasure — simply part of the vast array of human experience.

The journey to clarity is a very intense one. There is nothing easy about training the spirit to discern what is of divine value within itself and outside itself. And separating the self from illusion. There is nothing easy about that. That’s the name of the game on this planet.

We’re under contract to do that, to separate the divine from illusion. And in doing that I think we need a motivator. Being attached to an illusion is in itself suffering, so the time has come to withdraw your spirit from that illusion, whether it be “I can’t live without you, I’ve got to have this for happiness, I have a serious illness, why me?” No matter the type of suffering, you are never more spiritually connected than when that experience begins to generate within you because from that point on you cannot take your eyes off God.

From that moment your spiritual practice begins. From that point on you have been given your path for shedding illusion, one after another, after another, after another. There is a liberation when you realize this has nothing to do with illness, or anything other than a call to liberty. The path is humanly speaking very painful, but it has to be because I’m not being allowed to sit down. However, every step of the way, something will always be there to meet me — the day I need it, whether it be a voice on the road, a pamphlet on the chair.

Look for that symbolically in every thing you see. God says “I’m with you, I’m watching you, and I’m present.” Why is there suffering? It is the nature of coming to know the Divine who is the Non-Suffering Entity. 

Maryel: I understand you have a background in publishing and theology.

Dr. Caroline Myss: Yes, I started out as a publisher of new age books. My Bachelor’s degree is in journalism, my Master’s is in theology, and my doctorate is in energy medicine.

Maryel: I am a doctoral student in Psychology, but I would love to learn more about energy medicine. What do you suggest?. Do you teach this in your workshops?

Dr. Caroline Myss: From Greenwich University in Hawaii. As a matter of fact, Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D. and I have formed a partnership and are offering professional accreditation and Ph.D. in Energy Medicine. First, the candidate must already possess an advanced degree of certification in their field of practice as an admissions requirement. We want the field of energy medicine to be taken seriously. Therefore, candidates in the doctoral program must already have professional credentials or must already have a professional healing practice. Finally, the potential student must complete certain seminars I offer, as a prerequisite to enrollment at the university, in order to give the student a solid foundation in the healing modalities and principles incorporated into the curriculum.

Dr. Caroline Myss’ popular workshop “Archetypes and Sacred Contracts” focuses on solid psychological principles based upon the 20th century’s most eminent psychologist, Dr. Carl Jung. As a student of Freud, Dr. Jung incorporates and surpasses the foundation of psychoanalysis that Dr. Freud generously contributed to humanity in the beginning of this century. Dr. Jung delved further into the depths of the human subconscious, setting forth a foundation for healing that is based upon the concept of “The Collective Unconscious” which represents age-old patterns of human behavior that can be represented by “archetypes”.

The “archetype” is a term Dr.  Jung coined which today’s most prominent psychologists and psychotherapists are using as a basis for determining what role the individual plays out in his personal life drama. In so determining these patterns or roles, which are universal, we are provided with the key to unlock the mysteries of our behavior and can be provided with simple tools to change the patterns that no longer serve us. Dr. Myss focuses on four archetypes in her workshop: The Saboteur, The Prostitute, The Child and The Victim.

The Saboteur is the role played by those who are afraid of success and failure, so they sabotage their chances and the chances of others in an effort to avoid feelings of unworthiness. The Prostitute is based on the theme “everyone has their price”, i.e., those who sell out to lesser principles to make a buck, or even someone who stays in a bad marriage in order to maintain security. Dr. Myss says, “The Spiritual ideal of the prostitute is, as with all archetypes, to allow the archetype to guide you to the highest potential for that energy. Thus the spiritual idea of the prostitute is the sacrosanct, the incorruptible. The Child includes current popular themes of the inner child, or the wounded child. Most of us are very familiar with this role, and may even revert to it in times of insecurity or stress. The goal for this person is to pay attention to the virtues of the child, the playful spirit, and the innocence — natural trust. Finally, the Victim — In Dr. Caroline Myss’ popular book “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can”, she goes into depth about the victim consciousness prevalent in the 20th century. And how to dispose of it, as it does not serve us to hold onto any idea of self as a permanent victim. This merely perpetuates and feeds into the victim cycle, preventing us from true healing.

Maryel: What message would you like to bring into the 21st century?

Dr. Caroline Myss: “Understand there are two types of time. Chronos time and Kairos time. Chronos time is the time on your clock, the hour- to-hour, day-to-day time; it’s literal time. Kairos time is what I would call “soul time”, the transcendent of time, or rather time out of time. The key to understanding the difference between allopathic and energy medicine is through understanding the difference between Chronos and Kairos time, i.e., Chronos time tells us to take this pill for that ailment for so many days. This is calendar time, Whereas in Kairos time, we understand that energy can not have time. By its very nature, energy is inherently timeless. Therefore, when you work in the Kairos dimension, you can restructure, resettle, reorganize and heal yourself, then you exit the time factor. When operating in Kairos time, spontaneous healing and transformation become the rule rather than the exception.”

The information Dr. Myss is sharing with the world at this crucial time in our evolution inspires one to take a look at the effectiveness of our individual lives. Are we continually doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result? In psychological terms, this behavior has been compared to insanity. If we want different results, than we must take different action.

Dr. Caroline Myss is one of the  forerunners in changing the way we perceive and  practice modern medicine. She has offered us the tools to become intimate with our innermost selves, our individual energy. After all, didn’t Einstein teach us that  everything is energy, and that energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be changed? When we change our old ways and practice healing from an integrative perspective, we empower modern medicine with the link that has been missing in our race for the cures to life-threatening disease.

When we learn preventive and alternative medicinal practices through incorporating intuitive and energy medicine with allopathic medicine, the world can become a more conscious and healthy place to live. So, in the new millennium let’s let go of the old ineffective ways of doing things, in all areas of our lives, and let’s bring in world healing at a cellular level, one person at a time.

If you are interested in finding out more about Dr. Caroline Myss, her books, workshops, or information in obtaining a Ph.D. in professional energy medicine from Greenwich University, please contact Dr. Caroline Myss’ website at: www.myss.com   or call (800) 395-8445.

Maryel McKinley Ph.D. (c), is a doctoral candidate in psychology, a certified addictions treatment specialist, and is a national syndicated columnist and book reviewer. She can be reached for speaking engagements at: dudil@msn.com 

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