Welcome to A Wonderful Life! 
By BrendaAnn Seay



 Have you ever noticed that the only person who really stops us from having all we want and attaining our dreams is ourself? It may seem that there are people and situations in our life that are difficult or even impossible. Yet it is our belief about ourself that is the cause of our circumstances.  This is a different point of view for many people. Yet I have found it to be true over and over again in my own life, as well as with other people I know and work with. When we change our mind about how we think and feel about ourself, our outer life circumstances miraculously change.  Many of us have spent years trying to change the outer circumstances of our lives with poor results, resulting in frustration and feeling even worse about ouselves. Change is an inside job that extends from within ourself outward to our life experiences. 

So how do I change my mind about myself?  After all, I have known myself for a significant amount of time.  A brief explanation of the steps to changing our mind follows: 

1) The willingness to change — Are you really willing to make the changes you want enough to give up your comfort zone?  Our old habits and behaviors are more comfortable simply because we are so used to them. Your readiness to make changes is something you can review honestly with yourself. 

2) Acquire the belief that change is possible — Many of us do not believe we really can make the changes we want to make or that we can have a fulfilling life.  You can further examine your thoughts about this and ask why you believe you can or can’t change.  Look for examples of others who have made these changes. 

3) Deepen the connection with our real Self — Our inner connection with our creation of perfection, innocence, goodness, and wholeness gives us the strength, momentum, and motivation to move through any obstacles we may encounter.  A daily practice to deepen this inner connection really does create miracles. 

4) Identify untrue beliefs — When we feel challenged or negative in any way, we can examine our thoughts and feelings to discover what is true and what is not true.  Many beliefs we hold are simply notions we have had for so long we do not even question them.  They seem so real to us, but as we learn to look at them from an observer perspective, we begin to see what is really true. 

5) Accept myself without judgment — We keep ourselves stuck by holding judgments against ourselves for any mistakes or for things we haven’t accomplished.  We may not realize this until we pay attention to it. When we lovingly accept where we are now in this moment, we actually create a space to move forward.

6) Make new choices — As we define what we really want, if we have taken the previous steps we begin to see the real possibilities in achieving our new choices. 

7) Create what you want — By focusing our attention on new choices daily, we bring them into being.  When we actually see, hear, and feel them in our minds they become our reality. 

8) Daily living experience — All these steps occur in a moment-to- moment life experience.  As we continue to make new choices and release unhelpful patterns daily, a wonderful life occurs. Now you are allowing yourself to be all that you are and were truly meant to be.  Welcome to a wonderful life! 

BrendaAnn Seay is a Personal and Professional Life Coach in Huntington Beach, CA. She assists people in applying principles of wisdom to daily life situations. She also presents classes, groups, and workshops. For further information, please contact BrendaAnn at (714) 962-5344 or e-mail: brendaann8@aol.com .

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