By Audrey Hope



In this extraordinary new era, at this evolutionary crossroad, we all require a new vocabulary, a new language, a new way of seeing, new ways of living, and new levels of awareness.  We are upon a ‘renaissance of the soul’, and to embrace the evolution of our times, I have created a new TV talk show called ‘REEL WOMEN’.  This half-hour weekly forum invites the viewer to adopt a ‘revolution in perception’ that could give us awareness in our everyday life and nudge us in the direction of health and happiness. 

Six years ago, at Century Cable Studios in Santa Monica, small in budget, but big on passion and vision, my producer Brent Williams, and I began ‘REEL WOMEN’ in dedication to creating positive role models in our media, and life-altering perspectives that can transform our world.  It was our hope then, and now, that a new vision will attract all that is good in the hearts and minds of men and women, and challenge that which is best in the human soul.  ‘REEL WOMEN’ seeks to be a forum for issues that truly matter in our lives, and to fill a needed gap in television. Watching, you may change the way you pay attention to yourself and the world, and it may benefit you to look at life this way.... 

The year 2000, which carries the number 2, represents the feminine, and now we are in a cycle of feminine power.  When I began my work several years ago, I thought I was voicing my views about the damaging effect the media had on the lives of women.  I was deeply influenced by two books on this subject, ‘The Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf, and ‘The Undeclared War Against American Women’ by Susan Faludi. 

Also, being an actress in Hollywood and working part time at Maureen’s in Santa Monica (a women’s clothing store), I got to hear and see the lack of self-esteem in women, the pain it caused, and its debilitating effect on our society.  One of my guests, Riane Eisler, put it best, “The degree to which a woman is respected is the degree to which a society prospers”. 

And several years later, after many shows, I realized that what I was aiming for was not the equality of men and women, or ways for women to be more successful, but it was about the connection of the feminine in all of us, the feminine qualities of love and compassion that can bring balance to a troubled world.  Another of my special guests, Shri Mataji Nir-mala Devi, world spiritual leader said, “We can end emotional, economical and global turmoil by connecting to the ‘mother’ energy in all of us.” 

The plan was to do one show, but the response was amazing, and before we knew it, Brent and I had a foundation for an entire series.  We saw that people were now thirsty for truth, wisdom and spiritual awareness, no longer satisfied with materialism and money as a measuring stick for happiness.  Now we are seeking answers to the big questions in life, “What is our purpose here and how can we find peace within our hearts and in the world?” Thus ‘REEL WOMEN’ turned into a mission, a hero’s journey, a path to the authentic self.  We had to redefine success, and find strength in the fact that we were following our hearts, and our bliss, and remembering that the privilege of a lifetime is in being who you are . . . in letting ourselves be silently drawn by the pull of what we really love.  To the outside world, life was crazy and illogical, carrying sets across the city, begging for cameras and money, and finding rejection at every turn, but from a higher perspective, we were living a dream of truth. 

‘REEL WOMEN’ is not based on heated arguments, sensationalism, confrontations, hot topics or celebrity hype.  Fame or a best seller is not the criteria for being a guest, but the simplicity of a message that carries the weight to heal others.  I prefer to be called a presenter, not a host, because I want to present people who challenge us to bring our culture to its next possibility. 

My guests have been men and women who combine logic of the mind with wisdom of the heart.  Some of the highlights of the guests and topics and wisdom they have shared are: 

BYRON KATIE — “THE TECHNOLOGY OF FREEDOM” — Byron Katie developed “THE WORK”, a way to end chronic suffering on all levels, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, by simply investigating our thinking (our concepts and stories) to understand that all suffering is in the mind, and chaos is mental confusion.  “I am the perpetrator of my pain, all of it.” The gift of inner clarity, which is innate in all of us, is found by following simple directions: judge your neighbor, write it down, ask four questions and turn it around.  Reality is the highest order.  How do I know the wind should blow . . . it is blowing. 

CAROLINE MYSS — “LIFE-ALTERING PERSPECTIVES” — Caro-line is a pioneer in energy medicine.  She says the ‘dark night of the soul’ can be a doorway, a divine opportunity to meet God in darkness.  Accept the chaos of life, and know that following the ‘tribe’ will cost you your life energy. We can view our lives through a bio-spiritual lens, and heal our bodies by examining our souls. 

STEPHEN SIMON — “THE VISIONARY POWER OF FILM” — Stephen is the producer of ‘What Dreams May Come’ and co-founder of Metafilmics.  Films can illuminate new landscapes, chart new maps, model new par-adigms, and emphasize empowerment for the future.  We create our own reality, and Stephen meditated and cleared up personal issues to create the millions he needed to make his film.

 BERYL NOZEDAR — “NATURE’S FREE MEDICINE” — Beryl is an international speaker on natural herbal remedies and author of ‘Beryl’s Herbal Bliss’. Nature can save us money, save our lives, and empower us to take control and responsibility for our own health and make us self-sufficient.  The common root of disease is a body that is too acidic, that needs to be alkaline.

 RUSTY BERKUS — “THOUGHT SYSTEMS FOR A NEW SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS” — Rusty is a famous author of many books including, ‘Your Path to Spiritual Starhood, Empowering Your Sacred Self’. She teaches us that the greatest love story of all, the love of self, has radiating energy to heal ourselves and our world. We can create a ‘Renaissance of the Soul’, by embracing the profound power of positive thought systems such as love, integrity, dignity, and forgiveness that can carry into the global consciousness. 

BECKY LOVING — “THE FEMININE LAW” — Women betray their power by replacing it with self-judgement, guilt, punishment and pain.  We need to embrace a counter-culture movement, a new way of seeing, based on love and support, and alignment with the true laws of heaven.  Remove judgement where light is intended to be enthroned. 

RIANE EISLER — “HER STORY IN HIS-STORY” — Riane is the author of the pivotal work, “The Chalice and the Blade” and gives us a more hopeful story of our cultural origins. “Once upon a time, societies revered the female; men and women lived in harmony and worked in partnership to embrace life and enhance ‘feminine ethos’ of love and compassion.  If we can make caring for others our most valued commodity, maybe the life-giving chalice will again be the symbol of the holy vessel of life.” 

JOAN BORYSENKO — “HONORING THE SACRED GIFTS OF WOMANHOOD” — Joan is a scientist, mystic, therapist, pioneer in mind-body medicine and author of “A Woman’s Book of Life”.  As women we are natural mystics, innately spiritual, in tune with the rhythms of the universe, the sun and the moon, and moving through life’s journey in ‘sacred cycles’ that bring at each turn special challenges and gifts. 

DONNA SHERATAN — “THE REALITY OF ANGELS” — Donna is a visionary artist who paints angels that inspire and heal us.  Her new video ‘Wings of Success’ tells of her near-death experience and eight years of communicating with angels.  The significance of an angel, is not in who or what they are, but in what they do . . . lead us into the extraordinary, a landscape of miracle-minded thinking that can expand our consciousness, open our heats, and transform humanness into divinity.

 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi —  “WHAT IS THE HOPE FOR A STABLE SOCIETY” and “THE 4TH DIMENSION OF EVOLUTION” — Shri Mataji, World Spiritual Leader and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, says that these special times, prophesied in all the ancient texts , known as the blossom time, graces us with a profound opportunity to go beyond the mind to enter the 4th dimension where we are capable of self-realization, connecting to the all-pervading power of divine love.  The most revolutionary discovery of the present age is the collective inner transformation of the human being. 

Other shows included: “INTUITION, THE LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL” with Mona Lisa Shulz, “THE CULTURAL ASSAULT ON WOMEN” with Soraya Mire, “LOVE, THE REAL DEAL” with Pat Allen,  “THE HEALING POWER OF FOOD” with Dr. Neal Barnard, “THE HEROIC PATH TO SELF-ESTEEM” with Nathaniel Branden, “THE JOY OF LIVING IN A FREE BODY” with Judith Stransky. 

REEL WOMEN can now be seen Nationally and Internationally on Wisdom TV, a new TV Network that celebrates inner growth and healing.  The show can also be seen locally on stations in California and New York.  Contact REEL WOMEN PRODUCTIONS at (323) 850-8588 or e-mail . All tapes are available for $19.95

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