Our Very Personal Invitation to a:
“Live Art Millennium Celebration” 
By Kay Walburger 



Penny McManigal’s works of art vibrated with such light and energy, they called to me from across a very large room to come closer and fully experience their joyfully haunting messages of Hope, Peace and Love! A few years ago, I was very excited to be at the WOVA Conference of powerful wise women from all over this country who had come together to share visions and dreams of a better world through their intentions and actions. Penny’s works of art radiated these feelings and longings in such a poetic and visually metaphoric way, that I became an instant devotee.

 I recommended her to be a cover artist for Awareness Magazine and she has since done three covers. Since that day I have followed her artist’s journey and feel delight with each new piece she creates. When I say ‘Journey’, I do mean ‘Journey’, to too many faraway places around the world to mention. Do not despair, at the end of this story I’ll give you her web address and you can read to your heart’s content about this fascinating lady’s incredible life. 

“You are The Ambassador of Art”, proclaimed one of her many art admirers. The reason she is an ambassador is because she has the magical talent to show us our own ability to free our long suppressed artistic expressions. I have seen her with a room full of people drawing amazing works of art using the simplest of tools. It was very enlightening to see people of all ages who would have told you beforehand that they were not artists! We marveled at all the different colors and shapes that could show up in patterns and designs as art! 

Now Penny has a much larger canvas for us to join her in expressing our Dreams for the New Millennium! This is a global canvas and we are invited to co-create a seamless tapestry by expressing our ‘Dreams for Peace’ for our beloved planet. We will be “Weaving the Dream!” by bringing pieces of fabric three or four feet long to weave on a symbolic loom (example: a tie, a scarf, a piece of cloth, a belt, a sash, a ribbon, etc.). This International Grassroots Birthday “Gifting” is for “just folks everywhere” from all over our planet. 

Here is the Basic Idea! 
“Please share this invitation with everyone you know and begin planning now for a deeply meaningful celebration for our New Millennium!” “An interactive “Weaving the Dream!” Millennium Celebration is being planned so that it will occur simultaneously “anywhere and everywhere” on the planet, mid-year, 2000 A.D. This most unique and organic “global happening” is being created as a sacred and meaningful visual metaphor. We wish to acknowledge and honor that our planet is indeed an interconnected, inter-linked, and independent community of “seamless fabric”! Its purpose is to honor and celebrate our possible future as a harmonious and co-creative world community in the New Millennium.” 

“The basic idea for this worldwide event is to actually “Weave the Dream!” by co-creating the symbol of our “New Fabric” in a “Sacred Circle” pattern! The two symbols of “Weaving” and a “Sacred Circle” have been chosen because they have appeared continuously as art forms around the world since the dawn of civilization. This “Weaving the Dream!” has been designed for small celebratory groups of 50 to 200+ people (schools, churches, clubs, family reunions, camps, small villages, etc.) but can easily be enlarged to accommodate however many more guests are to be invited.”

 A single volleyball net could be a simple loom for a small group to weave their fabric through while doing ceremony. To make a larger circle, several nets and poles can be arranged into a larger configuration for more people to participate. All the details are on the web for you to print out for your group from which to make plans and purchases. 

The Dream Weaver 
Dream Weaver, Penny Mc-Manigal, has already had some stunning successes with her Weaving Ceremonies. The first prototype of the “Weaving the Dream!” celebration at the Healing Summit in Monterey, CA in October, 1997, was attended by more than 220 participants from 19 countries. Another was held in Ashland, Oregon at the Sacred Theater in July 1998, then Klamath Falls, Oregon’s Day 500 Count-Up to the Millennium” August 19,1998. On August 25-30,1998 “Weaving the Dream!” was celebrated at the International Healing Summit 2 in Glastonbury, England.

 Even as we go to press, dates, times, and places are being firmed up for these extraordinary and satisfying Dream Weaving sacred circle rituals to be held throughout The New Millennium. You are encouraged to bring your own group together, log onto the internet and report your event. There you will find a chat room and schedule of weaving dates. Penny is thrilled by the reactions of people who have been participating around the world. They show up with some piece of fabric that holds special meaning for them personally. It may be something that has been in the family for years and speaks to ancestors who also dreamed of peace and understanding for one and all. As the diversity of peoples and cultures come together to weave their fabric into the symbolic loom of life something mysterious begins to happen. The emerging design tells the story of how each soul’s dreams, when combined with the others, has a new collective meaning that is thrilling and mystical! A magical moment happens for all. Now the metaphor speaks most eloquently of what humanity could realize if they would step forward and Weave The Dream! 

The end of the ceremony is to go and take a piece off the loom that you did not bring, to take home with you as a constant reminder of this sacred and symbolic event. 

For more information contact Penny McManigal at (949) 721-8059 or check out her website at www.ashlandweb.com/millennium.weave

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