By Chuck Diliberto




Raven Recording 
The Jivamukti (liberation of the soul) Yoga Center is located in Manhattan. Its customer list is a who’s who of actors, supermodels, professional dancers, musicians, artists and athletes. The founders, David Life and Sharon Gannon, have combined the “Spirituality of Eastern culture with the Westerner’s need to work up a good sweat”. The music contained in this CD has been specifically compiled to coincide with certain yogic postures that are displayed in the liner notes. With this history aside, let’s get to the music.

Gabrielle Roth composed the majority of the songs. Roth, a professional dancer and explorer of consciousness, has released twelve albums of “tribal ambient” music. Her music is predicated to awakening the body synchronistically with the elevation of our consciousness. The music pulses, creating a rhythmic aura that transports the listener to a world of multi-colored, cosmic sensitivities. The feelings here are personal and intrinsic, a perfect setting for the practice of yoga (union). The music has a warm, fuzzy nature, womblike and sensual, yet without limitations and constrictions. 

The yoga postures displayed in the liner notes are not for beginners. Some are less difficult than others, but they all require practice and discipline before they can be performed in conjunction with the music, to achieve the desired effects, i.e., union through liberation of the soul. For those less inclined to try the yogic postures, the music is uplifting and wonderful by itself.

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World Entertainment 
Maire (pronounced Moya) Brennan has a vocal gift. Her voice is wispy and sweet, belying powerful emotions and religious beliefs. Her words are full of inspiration, adulation and hope. Brennan has ostensibly been affected by a Spiritual awakening. 

Her songs are a mixture of contemporary pop sounds with Celtic and World Music undertones. The resultant synthesis is a pleasant combination of styles that is aurally accessible and emotionally pleasing. Her lyrics are mantra-like, a constant reminder of her Spiritual consciousness; God-awakened state of being. Brennan reaches through her words to find meanings in her life. The symbol of water represents the flow of life, meandering around obstacles, searching for pure outlets to continue the flow. 

Through the Spirituality, her Irish roots and the contemporary music connections, Maire Brennan’s voice shines brightly. Her voice is a finely-tuned and honed instrument. A reminder of what the voices of Angels must sound like, she oohs and aahs, fluttering her voice with unrestrained passion, moving with firm conviction and power. The meanings of her lyrics become animated in her vocal interpretations. They are lifted off the page in a swirling cloud of emotion, tugging at our hearts, flowing into unison with her soul’s purpose and direction. Maire Brennan is a messenger of love, her songs are her light, radiating for all who will listen. 

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SNH Productions 

Steve Haun has created a majestic soundtrack to express his vision of the Rocky Mountains. His earliest impressions of growing up in the Rocky Mountains have served as his muse in developing these compositions. The simplicity, and raw power of nature has been motivating artists for centuries — Steve Haun has followed a similar path. 

The music is sonically orchestrated. Haun, on grand piano and synthesizers, has combined his musical dreams with a string section and natural forest sounds. The music harkens an unlimited beauty; beauty that can only be felt, not described. The notes cascade from an ethereal origin, pausing to give depth to the moment, only to continue in boundless streams of expressionary grace. The grace that comes from being emotionally moved and Spiritually touched by the mind-tingling awesomeness of Creation. 

This CD could easily be the soundtrack for an adventure movie. The music is tightly produced and exceptionally clean sounding. The orchestration leaves room for plenty of visualizations and dream sequences; an almost surreal sense permeates, heightening our senses, leading us to be captured by Steve Haun’s life and soul.

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Maggie’s Music 
“Early American Roots” offers an open window to a “cross section of popular American instrumental music from before and just after the American Revolution”. The use of original instruments, the viola da gamba, baroque violin, recorders, baroque guitar, hammered dulcimer, cittern, and flageolet, lends an air of authenticity and timelessness to these era compositions. 

This music is meant to be danced to. It is full of lively rhythms and hopping cadences. There is a sense of sociability that underscores each song. The music acted as a foundation for the cultural exchanging of norms, morés and class interaction rituals. I am sure role playing, stereotyping, imaging and posturing were common also. All those constricting societal nuances that early Americans brought with them from England. 

The important aspect of this music is the historical development of America’s own music identity. Some of the songs are directly borrowed from their English counterparts, but not all of them. In the Spirit of individuality, Americans began to change and rearrange the standards handed down from England. These changes became unique to American music and culture, and are performed on this compact disc. Hesperus is comprised of Scott Reiss, Tina Chancey, and Mark Cudek, three historically informed, multi-talented instrumentalists. Their music is fresh, not dated. The performers poured their hearts and souls into every song, preserving a part of American musical history that set the stage for jazz, blues and rock-n-roll. “Early American Roots” is a must purchase for the serious musicologist. 

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Chuck Diliberto is a resident of New York State. Having written for a hometown publication that covered local and national musicians, reviewing CDs is an extension of that experience. His main interests are spiritual in nature and right living in practice. 


By Maryel McKinley 


Global Vision Records 
A revolutionary sound that will both uplift and inspire the listener, Geela’s Veil of Life is a soulful blend of new age and new world beat, sprinkled with an exotic touch of Middle Eastern sounds. Geela’s personal story is unprecedented; although she composed and wrote the entire CD, she has never played a musical instrument and has no formal training. Her vocals are hauntingly full of passion and mystery and although she is young, beautiful and often compared to Madonna, her lyrics and tone quality reveal an old soul with deep wisdom. 

Drawing from spiritual principles, Geela’s Veil of Life was inspired from a near-death experience she had while in a near-fatal car accident. After this traumatic awakening, Geela found that if she listened to her Higher Power, she could actually achieve her life’s dream . . . she was suddenly able to write and compose the beautiful music she treasured from the deepest part of her being.

Produced by Earth Wind and Fire’s producer, Geela’s powerful “message-music” has been heralded by Deepak Chopra as being like “a magic carpet ride . . . celebrating the human spirit in the realm of infinite possibilities”.  

This CD is available at Barnes and Nobles Bookstores.

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