The Love Story of the 3rd Millennium: 
Becoming a LoveMaster

By Scott and Shannon Peck 



 Our world is in a love crisis. 

As we accelerate exponentially in our technologically-advancing civilization, the number one thing we most want in life has never changed. We want to be richly loved! 

Yet we are dismally unprepared for love. When was the last time you took a course in having a successful relationship or upgraded your love skills from ""Basic Love"" to ""Advanced Love""? Is it any wonder we suffer so many divorces, broken hearts, wars, hatred, hurt, and loneliness? 

The majority of Earth''s population is starving for love. But this love tragedy is about to change. A love revolution so profound that it will be called ""The Love Story of the 3rd Millennium"" is giving birth. Love is reaching into our hearts and calling us all forth to become LoveMasters. 

We have all been touched by LoveMasters. Whenever you are cherished, esteemed, empowered, and honored by another person, you are in the presence of a LoveMaster. 

A LoveMaster is internally awake to the immense suffering on Earth  the tears in so many million hearts, the private inner struggles for worth and purpose, and the catastrophic, often hidden, anguish of abuse. The inner heart of a LoveMaster leaps vigorously to this universal call for help. 

The sacred question inside the heart of a LoveMaster carries the force of universal healing: ""How loved do you feel in my presence?"" Anything less than your experience of pure, all-inclusive spiritual Love embracing your whole being and identity is unacceptable to a LoveMaster. 

The tools of a LoveMaster are unconditional compassion, empathy, kindness & honesty, listening to the heart, honoring equality, forgiveness, peace-making, spiritual awareness, and healing. A LoveMaster rises to the level of pure love that speaks tenderly to every heart, honestly to every mind, and equally to every spirit. 

Think of your closest and most intimate friends. Do they feel loved in your presence? Your family. Do they feel loved in your presence? The people at your work place, your church, your waiters at restaurants, the people you pass in grocery stores. Do they feel loved in your presence? The person you most ""love."" Does he or she truly feel loved in your presence? 

These are illuminating questions. They are questions that keep us deeply loving. They are questions that also bring us immense love  because we experience the level of love we radiate. This is transforming news for all who are love-starved. Becoming a LoveMaster creates a powerful flow of love that nourishes others, enriches our own soul, and attracts the most loving people to us. In fact, the fastest way to meet the right love mate is to become a Love-Master. It may seem like a paradox, because a LoveMaster seeks to give, not receive. But it is really the most profound of spiritual laws loving well brings you into the heart of Love. 

Just as illuminating is another question that each of us, as Love-Masters, must ask ourselves about our friends, associates, and organizations: ""How loved do I feel in their presence?"

 Many of us spend years imprisoned in relationships that demean, ignore, or hurt us. Such relationships drain happiness and love from of our lives and hearts. Right now, there are thousands of generously loving people giving massive amounts of love and receiving little or none in return. This is not real love. Genuine love flows equally in both directions. As we grow in our understanding of what it means to become a LoveMaster, we discover the vast importance of being surrounded by people who honor and empower us. In other words, to be surrounded by LoveMasters. We begin to understand that this is our spiritual right. Taking this higher stand for love liberates us, and is good medicine for those around us. 

How loved do you feel in my presence? How loved do I feel in your presence? These two questions may shake the foundations of your life, but your eternal love life is at stake. Are you ready to become a Love-Master? Are you ready to receive all the love you could ever want? Welcome to the love story of the 3rd millennium, dear needed and cherished LoveMaster.

 Coming next: Developing the top skills of a LoveMaster. 

Scott & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing all mankind into the heart of Love. They speak and conduct workshops on love, liberating magnificence, and spiritual healing. They are co-authors of ""Liberating Your Magnificence: 25 Keys to Loving and Healing Yourself"". Scott Peck is also the author of ""The Love You Deserve: 10 Keys to Perfect Love"". This article is based on their new 6-cassette series, ""All the Love You Could Ever Want,"" available through   or by calling TheLoveCenter at (800) 266-1525. 

Copyright 2000 by Scott & Shannon Peck

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