By Maryel McKinley, C.A.D.C . 



After being in bed for a month with chronic hepatitis and fibromyalgia, my first day back at work was to cover the Awareness booth at the Del Mar Health Expo. Thinking that I was in good enough shape to go back to my grueling work schedule which includes consulting for Awareness, writing for six magazines, studying for my doctorate degree in Psychology, writing a book and being a loving wife and mother, I was exhausted after the one-hour drive to the Expo, and I hadn’t even started the day yet! 

However, a miracle of healing happened. It was almost noon and I just wanted to turn around and go home and sleep, but I had made the commitment to represent Awareness Magazine and could not let the publisher down. Thoughts of going to my car and taking a nap were occupying my mind when a young man named Russell Feingold came up to the booth and handed me one of the flyers for his 1:00 workshop. After looking at the flyer, I introduced myself to Russell and explained my weak condition. He assured me that his experiential seminar would be just the thing for me, and promised to follow that up with a private session — for free! 

Completely exhausted, I dragged my tired, aching body and waning spirit over to the seminar room. We sat in a group and the noise was so loud in the adjoining room from sound-system feedback, that my last ounce of energy was sucked right out of me. I am an energy empathic and can usually put a protective field around my aura to prevent this type of siphoning, but in my condition that day I barely had the strength to hold my head up, let alone ward off the negative effects of the loud reverberating microphone. 

Before Russell’s group started, I bravely entered the next room and asked the leader to please turn down his mike, as it felt like noise pollution to us in our quiet meditation group. The empathetic leader kindly turned it down, and the building became more serene. I went back to our group, which had already started. Russell was leading a guided meditation. After the meditation, we went around the room and described what we had experienced. The meditation was so in tune with what I needed at that moment that I truly believe Russell was sent as an act of providence to help relieve my tension when I needed it most. After the group, I cried tears of relief! I felt free from any pain in my body, and I felt better than I would have if I had succumbed to taking a nap. 

Russell said he wasn’t finished with me yet. We went to his booth, and I experienced the most incredible chakra clearing that I have ever had. He guided my energy and found many blocks, which had probably stagnated for years. He knew exactly what I was feeling and where in my body I was feeling it at the precise moment. I have never experienced an energy worker who has been so completely in tune with the subtle changes in my emotional body as Russell Feingold. Again, he empathetically allowed and encouraged me to cry the tears of pent-up energy that had been stuffed within for so long. After this magnificent healing experience, I felt renewed and better than I have felt in years! And he didn’t even touch me. It was as though I had a full body massage and a great night’s sleep. I felt 10 years younger, and this renewed health literally saved me the rest of the day and carried on into the rest of the week! 

Saturday, I had another amazing experience of healing. I went to Dr. Kellas’ booth and he touched my left shoulder and said, “You are having trouble with this tooth.” He pointed at a tooth that was an unfinished root canal I have been having a great deal of trouble with for a few months. There was no possible way for him to know this, as you cannot tell from the outside of the tooth that it has ever been worked on. 

Then, Dr. Kellas discovered I had suffered from a whiplash, and that was the underlying cause of my fibromyalgia. He adjusted my neck and for the first time in years I could hear clearly out of my left ear! Previously, I had experienced hearing loss in my left ear as a result of playing musical instruments in loud studio settings. 

Later that day, as I was collecting entries for Awareness Magazine’s free ad drawing, I came upon the booth of Dr. Louis Turi. He is a Nostradamus psychic and astrologer. The night before there had been a 6.6 earthquake at around 4:00 a.m. He asked if I felt it; I said “Of course, who didn’t?” He said, “Read my book, I predicted it would happen on this exact day.” I opened his star guide prediction book and sure enough, on the exact date Oct. 16, 1999, there was a prediction that there would be an earthquake! This man also gave me a very accurate reading about my personal life. 

As I tasted oxygenated water, aromatherapy drops, and health elixir drinks, I was in holistic heaven! Finally, I went to the Chi machine and had a great five minute rejuvenating experience, followed by a trip to Dr. Steve Schecter’s N.H.I. booth for a relaxing massage. The Del Mar Health Expo far exceeded any and all expectations, and I am anxiously awaiting next year’s Expo. Who knows what miracles await us! 

Congratulations to the winners of the Awareness Magazine drawing for a free display ad, Self Heal School of Herbal Studies and Healing in San Diego. And kudos to Martha Forrest and her terrific staff for a job well done on this year’s expo.

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