Color Dream Therapy 
Sleep on it . . . and in the morning
you’ll have the answer

By Julianne Bien



When it comes time to unearth and resolve your most deep-rooted problems, dreams can be an excellent tool to achieve positive results. Color Dream Therapy (CDT) can help you realize your potential while you gently unwind and revisit the trauma, emotional damage and negative beliefs that stand in your way.  It can pave the way for a clearer, brighter future. 

This technique is being introduced to the North American marketplace by Julianne Bien of Spec-trahue Light & Sound Inc. in Toronto, Canada. She states “Some people believe change must be a long, painful, grueling process. Some believe the best solution is no solution and remain stagnant on the big blueprint for the rest of their lives.” Life is meant to be enjoyed —  and why not make it a colorful, exciting experience! “CDT is a gentle and non-invasive system of self healing and can assist you in achieving positive results by clearing and redirecting your thought patterns about past events.  It can set you on your path of self awakening and self discovery through your dream state.” 

Through a three-month home study course, the program guides you on a journey of gaining access to your higher self and taps into information about your life program. “Sickness is multidimensional, therefore it stands to reason that the treatment should also be the same,” says Julianne. So it is important to impart energetic healing information through the mind-body-spirit matrix. We are not one-dimensional beings as once believed. This dream stimulation technique is achieved by the application of a unique combination of more than 20 essential oils and the ‘ton-ation’ of one of the seven calibrated colored lights on specific areas of your body which correspond to different emotional states and experiences. Remember, your dreams serve as a communication link to your higher self. 

CDT was created and developed by Peter Mandel, a leading figure in alternative medicine in Europe. The foundation of CDT is based on science, kabbalistic concepts (mysticism) and philosophical principles and is considered the ‘so called’ homework of his practice which utilizes the power of color light and sound in its healing applications.  More than 25 years of research, studies and experimentation stand behind his theories and therapies. 

Julianne states “Depending upon the person’s background and life’s happenstance, it has been noted that benefits range from physical and emotional improvements to a unique sense of spiritual awakening. People who have taken this home ‘self-awakening’ course seem to be getting more in touch with who they really are, as opposed to ‘who they think’ they are.”

 “I believe this technique will revolutionize the theory of healing oneself in the comfort of one’s home in a peaceful sleep state. You will be excited when you discover the personal mysterious realm that you roam around in after dark in your dream state.  And there’s even better news — this course focuses on 21 of the 280 dream zones located on your body. Advanced courses will be available in the year 2000 for graduates of CDT, level one.  Perhaps you’ll begin to understand that the sky is not the limit — you can soar much higher if you so desire!”

 During the three-month adventure in a peaceful sleep state, ‘blocked emotions’ are released and declare themselves in the form of vivid colorful dreams, presenting very personal and specific messages. This process, she says, gives you the opportunity to review, clear and process painful memories before they manifest in the physical body as ill-ness or ill-feeling. “In essence, it is my opinion CDT can be considered preventative and curative medicine,” Julianne says. 

Now, how does the dream stimulation technique work? As Julianne explains, “In science, light is the vibration and color sets the frequency.” “Therefore”, she says, “color is energy and it is received in the body through the skin. Then the healing process begins.  When color is applied to specific zones, areas of the body, this color frequency starts its journey through the meridian system (energy pathways) to its new destination. The stagnant energy pattern, also known as ‘blocked emotions’, is lifted making room for new thoughts and ideas.“ 

Color Dream Therapy is not symptom management, it works on resurfacing the seed of the problem.  Throughout history the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Hebrews and the Chinese knew about healing effects of colors. The simplicity and pureness of light was also mentioned in the first few words of Genesis ...  And the Lord said ‘Let there be light, and there was light.....’  it is quite clear that the tools for self healing were always available to us right from the beginning of time.   Color dream therapy — an adventure of a lifetime... sleep on it. 

For more information on Color Dream Therapy contact Julianne Bien in Toronto, Canada,  at (416) 781-0755, visit the website at , e-mail at, or write to Julianne at Spectrahue Light & Sound Inc, 345 Adelaide Street West, Main Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1R5. Prices quoted on website are in Canadian Dollars. 

*This does not replace the advice or care of a medical professional and no claims are made as to results.

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