Breast Cancer Survivor Endorses
Ojibwa Tea
By Sandy McKelvey



Marilyn Stockwell is a 52-year-old retired cosmetologist who was forced into retirement with disabling wrist injuries in 1990. She was operated on three times for ulna reconstruction between 1990-92. It was during the recovery of her last wrist surgery that Marilyn discovered a lump in her right breast and went to the doctor. She was diagnosed with last-stage breast cancer. 

With a full-arm cast on her right arm, she underwent surgery to remove the tumor and the surrounding area as well as the lymph nodes, plus a partial hysterectomy. When Marilyn was diagnosed with breast cancer, one of her husband’s co-workers handed him an article about Ojibwa Tea. Not really being in a good frame of mind and losing almost all hope, she read the information and asked her husband to order the tea. Marilyn started on it right away — even took it with her to the hospital when she went to have her surgeries. 

Marilyn went with the traditional treatment, also seven weeks (35 treatments) of radiation and six months of chemo, but never stopped using the Ojibwa Tea twice daily. Marilyn never lost her hair and didn’t get radiation burns. Her scars healed rapidly and she was referred to as the walking Miracle! She is here to tell everyone about her miracle almost seven years later. 

Marilyn still takes the tea twice a day because of her family history of cancer. Her statement to anyone who will listen is “God is good.” She thanks him everyday for putting someone in her path with a miracle 
— The Ojibwa Tea!” 
    There is Hope! 
— Marilyn Stockwell, Gladwin MI 

For more information on the Ojibwa Tea, please contact Sandy McKelvey, Herbs for Life, (941) 362-9255 or check out her website at 

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