By Maryel McKinley



Women Of Courage 
Katherine Martin
New World Library
An outstanding compilation of 41 inspiring stories by women from all walks of life, who dare to have courage and live their dream. With chapters that include The Courage to Preserve, The Courage to Listen to Your Heart, The Courage to Challenge, The Courage to Be Vulnerable, and the Courage to Heal, this book makes me proud to be a woman! 

With individual uplifting and enlightening stories by Marianne Williamson, Judith Orloff, M.D., Ann Bancroft, Senator Patty Murray, and Barbara De Angelis, “Women Of Courage” also includes stories by unsung heroes. Everyday women like you and I tell their true stories of reaching deep within and garnering their inner strength to overcome challenges and come out ahead of the game. 

My very favorite story was written by Cora Lee Johnson, a 70-year-old black woman who, although she had no education and was on welfare, at the age of 62 mustered up the courage to start a nonprofit center for women. Her sewing center teaches underprivileged women in the ghetto to learn to sew, at no cost to the student. Cora’s center enables women to get out on their own and break the welfare cycle that has so many families in the grips of its bondage. I cried when I read Cora’s story and it encouraged me to fight for my dreams. I now realize that with faith, hope and courage, one woman can accomplish the miraculous, if she listens to her heart.

 “Women Of Courage” is the first in a series of books put out by New World Library called “People Who Dare”. I give two thumbs to author Katherine Martin, and applaud her for having the patience and courage to compile such an authentic, inspiring, and unprecedented literary masterpiece. 

This book is available at your local bookstores. 


The Ultimate Rape: 
What Every Woman Should Know About Hysterectomies and Ovarian Removal
Elizabeth L. PlourdeS, C.L.S. M.A. 
New Voice Publications
A must for women who are facing hysterectomy from life-threatening conditions, prophylactic ovarian removal, or for women who have undergone ovarian removal and have had hysterectomies, whether or not they presently have symptoms of biochemical changes that can occur as a result of these procedures. 

Author Elizabeth Plourdes, a clinical laboratory specialist, microbiologist and master in psychology, has performed cutting-edge research that will empower women and educate consumers about their own health-care. A true wake-up call, “The Ultimate Rape” exposes the slow, silent disruption that occurs when women lose their naturally protective hormones.

Furthermore, the book provides information on the varied alternative choices that are available today, and educates women on how to provide the most protection, with the least harm to their bodies. This information is critical before making the irreversible decision to undergo surgery, especially when based upon non-life-threatening data. 

This book may be ordered by calling (800) 266-5564, or through your local bookstores, or ,  and .


The Cleanse Cookbook 
Christine Dreher 

A one-of-a kind, excellent resource and guide to assist in detoxifying and balancing the body’s pH. With the evolution of modern society, most people have neglected their most valuable resource in life — the human body. More and more people are suffering from immune deficiencies and nondescript illnesses that are most likely due to the pesticides, toxins, demineralized foods and preservatives/processing to which the food of today is exposed.

 “The Cleanse Cookbook” not only educates one on why these stressors can influence the quality of our life by destroying our immune systems, organs, and digestive systems, but it also provides reasonable solutions and wonderful recipes that will make cleaning out our bodies fun and easy.

 “The Cleanse Cookbook” teaches us to stop trying to ingest products that cover up the symptoms of a toxic body, but rather to naturally cleanse and maintain balance by eliminating the toxic accumulation which is the cause of so many health problems. 

This book is also great to use as an allergy-free, gluten-free, vegan and pH alkaline cookbook and encourages the use of Stevia as a sweetener, rather than the dangerous consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Bon Appetit as you enjoy delicious tasty recipes and newfound energy and health as a result! Try it, you just might get hooked! 

This book may be ordered toll-free at (877) 673-0224, or call (858) 673-0224. 


Going Deeper Than Words Barbara Ganim & Susan Fox
Quest Books 

“Visual Journaling” is an unprecedented and profound book that helps the reader identify and deal with emotional issues in a new way. Actually, journaling through art is probably older than journaling through words, as this was the only form of written communication our ancestors used before the liberation of literacy occurred. 

As a child, didn’t you always feel a sense of comfort and freedom when given a box of crayons and a blank piece of paper to create your little masterpiece? Art therapy has been used in psychiatric hospitals across the country to calm psychotic patients who, although on heavy medication, can still become a threat to themselves and others even in a locked setting.

Barbara Ganim and Susan Fox have ingeniously adapted art therapy into a layman-style book that everyday people can use. They make it clear from the beginning that one need not be an artist, and if you are, to draw with the non-dominant hand, so the other side of the brain can be utilized. Teaching the reader how “images can express what words cannot”, the book uses visual journaling by “going deeper than words to give voice to your soul”. The authors, who are professionals in the field, have found their unique method helps to facilitate the discovery, release and healing of stress-producing emotions. 

An easy-to-use, step-by-step guide complete with exercises, daily practice and soul searching questions, I strongly recommend “Visual Jour-naling” as a supplement or addition to whatever healing modality you may be presently practicing. As a writer, I have found suggestions in the book to help me become more intimate with my unfathomable feelings, and it has provided clarity and insight when used in conjunction with my daily meditation practice. 

Furthermore, one of my dearest friends to whom I gave this book as a gift, reported she actually experienced a breakthrough in her growth and spiritual practice, as a direct result of using it the very first time! “Visual Journaling” draws upon the power of creative self-expression and is probably the best gift you can give to yourself or a loved one for self actualization in the 21st century. 

This book is available at your local bookstores. 


“The Cherished Self” is a path of 15 simple principles that will help you on your own individual personal journey, teaching you how to experience self-compassion and effectively change every area of your life. This easy-to-follow, well-written step-by-step guide is like having your own personal life skill’s coach who will take you down the unbeaten path of the future by creating a life rich in “love, laughter, and simple pleasures”. 

Michelle Morris-Spieker’s personal story, which is revealed early in the book, touched my heart and forced me to sit down, reevaluate my priorities and the quality of my life. From a high-powered career as a marketing executive, (which included work with the Deepak Chopra Center) to a divorce and 180 degree change in priorities and lifestyle, Michelle Morris-Spieker learned the key to happiness does not lie in defining oneself by position and status in life, but rather by the quality of our ability to feel love and cherish who we are, in the deepest realms of our spirit. 

This layman’s guide to your personal quest gently takes the reader on a journey to the shores of the soul. Learning to relate more authentically to honor our unique life purpose, it sets the foundation for healthy and fulfilling relationships topped with a more serene life and sprinkled with the fresh taste of spontaneity, surprise and adventure. 

My favorite part of the book is the chapter: “Destination Unknown” — which enabled me to tap into my innate wisdom. As we awaken to our inner compass, Michelle Morris-Spieker encourages us to surrender and trust as we literally set out and take a trip without knowing where we will end up, nor how we will get there! Just jump in your car, bring a variety of clothes, and let your intuition tell you, at the spur of the moment, which streets or highways to take. This releases a creativity that has been locked up for many years, and makes one feel 20 years younger. 

Finally, “The Cherished Self” teaches us not only how to give back to ourselves when we are living a life that takes all we have, but it also reminds us of the joy that comes from giving to others. A refreshing self-help style book, I recommend “The Cherished Self” to anyone who is seriously contemplating whether they are on the right track in life. If you are tired of your present job, or feel that somehow you missed your calling, this is the perfect jump start to heighten self awareness. It will definitely be worth it. 

This book may be ordered by calling (949) 388-7719. Also available on  and at your local bookstores. Check out her website

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