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Reconnect with the Great
Coral Goddess and Pacal
Voltan, Mayan, in the
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July 2-13, 2010
In the Land of the Incas:
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"The Power of Conscious Love"
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October 8-20, 2010
An Egyptian Sojourn: Heart of the Sphinx
Rebalance the sacred trinity of Love-Wisdom-Power in
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February 8-15, 2010
A Mayan Journey: The Heart of Love-Wisdom
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It is achievable...
if you believe in your
to fulfill that agreement, how
dare you look yourself in the
Awareness: When we are in
touch with the integrity and core
of who we are, we do what your
mother was talking about, we
fulfill our promises. I just had a
visual sense of how that core is
what we call here in the West,
of getting down to the `rock,'
because the core of who we are
is solid and strong, the way a
rock is.
Tererai: Yes! My mother said,
"Everything in your life may tum-
ble or wobble, but the rock will
solidify everything." I think it is
so true, there were times when I
wanted to give up -- it was just
too much and especially when
my husband turned out to be
HIV positive. I said "That's it,
"I'm done."
I remember going to sleep
though and I would see my
mother and that rock and "say,
no, I don't need to give up." I
felt like the rock was looking at
me and saying, "how dare you
do that! I'm here, don't you re-
member me?" These are things
that helped to ground me.
My mother's powerful words
and the sacred agreement I had
made, kept me going when
things were hard. It was a secret
between myself and the rock. I
knew I would be letting down
something that was so important
in my life. My mother Shamiso
would say, "you're going to be
the last person in this vicious
circle of poverty when you fi-
nally break the cycle."
You know, my mother is not
a rich woman, she is very poor,
but she gave me an inheritance.
The next generation of this fam-
ily, they are not going to have the
experience that I, or my mother
or grandmother did. No way!
We will right the wrongs. Giving
children in marriage is wrong.
Genital mutilation is wrong for
Awareness: I'm really glad for
the wisdom your mother Sham-
iso has shared with you. When
we hear these stories, somehow
they call us to realize what is in
our own hearts as well. I know
the story you have shared will
be with me.
Tererai: About my story, what
I really want it to be about is the
importance of educating girls
and women who are marginal-
ized, to empower them and have
their voices heard so we can
build a more equitable society.
The world is becoming much
more of a global village, so we
all belong in this big circle...
Awareness: Speaking of the
global village, this reminds me
of the African proverb, that `it
takes a village' to raise a child.
This saying was popularized
here by the current Secretary of
State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
As you so rightfully indicated,
that village is now becoming
more global...
Tererai: In my own life, an
American woman named Jo Luck
first planted a seed that inspired
me, and then my mother with no
formal education took that inspi-
ration to a different level.
This makes me believe in the
African saying so eloquently
captured by Nelson Mandela;
"umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu"
which roughly translates to "I
am because we are, and since
we are, therefore I am." Hence,
it is through others that we can
achieve our dreams.
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