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February 20-21 -- Embody-
ing the Goddess Thru the
Chakras Playshop in Costa
Mesa, CA. Do you want to
Connect to, Honor, and Cel-
ebrate Your Divine Feminine
Nature? Do you want to have
Fun and Replenish Your Energy
with other Amazing Women?
Explore various faces of The
Goddess and how She inter-
relates with our chakra system.
Embody the Goddess through
song, story, movement, art,
and wearing the regalia of the
Goddess. Women Only. For
info and registration: www.
February 21 -- Psychic Faire,
The Latest Thing. Local artists
and authors, store purchases
at discounts, special guest ap-
pearances. 1576 Newport Blvd.,
Costa Mesa. (949) 574-8900.
February 27-28 -- Channel
Your Spirit! in Sedona, AZ. A
most unconventional work-
shop designed to help you ex-
press your inner-most creativ-
ity. For beginners or advanced
writers, intuitives, channelers,
artists, etc. www.channelyour for more info.
March 6-7 Holistic Wellness
Faire. Experience alternative
therapies, body work, intuitive
readings, wellness products
and speakers during this fun
weekend at the High Country
Conference Center, Flagstaff,
AZ, 10-6. (928) 204-5912, ihatt@, mailto:ihatt@msn.
com, www.AZHolisticEvents.
March 7 -- Adam Dream-
healer presents Intention
Heals Conference at Marina
del Rey Marriott for this rare
appearance. Experience Self-
Empowerment as Adam or-
chestrates two unique group
healings with all registrants at
this conference. As featured
in "The Living Matrix" with
astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell,
Adam has presented at "What
the Bleep" and Edgar Cayce's
A.R.E, conferences. Rolling
Stone Magazine says "Adam
is becoming one of the world'
most in-demand healers."
Adam, international speaker,
Molecular Biologist and best-
selling author of DreamHealer
series, gifted energy healer
combines his Native Ameri-
can experiences to embrace
our own healing power. Learn
techniques to focus your in-
tentions toward healing and
manifesting your desired re-
ality. Be proactive and take
control of every aspect of your
life! ALL Registration online at
March 10-13 -- LifeShapes
- Introductory Biodynamic
Craniosacral Continuing Edu-
cation nurses, acupuncturists,
(951) 677-0652, lifeshape@aol.
March 26-28 -- Learn In-
tegrated Energy Therapy
Sedona, AZ. The therapy that
gets the `issues out of the tis-
sues' with light touch acupres-
sure. Join Leon and Phoenix, 2
of the Top Master Instructors
since 2006 in this 2-1/2 day
intensive. www.sedonaheart
April 10 -17 -- Join best-
selling author Gary Renard
for a Workshop at Sea. The
7-day Cruise to Mexico de-
parts from San Diego. Join
Gary for a week of fun while
you deepen your understand-
ing of A Course in Miracles. or call
Life Journeys: (888) 259-9191.
MAY 13-16 -- I C A N D O
IT! Presented by Hay House.
San Diego Convention Center.
Special guest appearance by
Louise Hay. Attend workshop
lectures by more than 25 of
your favorite speakers, includ-
ing Wayne Dyer, Brian Weiss,
Robert Holden, Krishna Das,
Marianne Williamson, Cher-
yl Richardson, Lisa Williams,
John Holland, Caroline Myss,
Joan Borysenko, Dr. Chris-
tiane Northrup, Gregg Braden,
Bruce Lipton, Thomas Moore
and many more. (800) 654-5126
Out of the blue an angel whis-
pered in my ear, "You are going
to create a World Peace Cruise."
I said "Really?" The in-
structions were clear:
"Go on the Internet
and look at website
I searched and then
almost fell off my chair
when I saw that www.
was available!... so I
bought it immediate-
ly, and within three hours I had
launched a website! I sat back
in amazement and thought, "I
guess I AM doing a World Peace
Completely guided by the
angels, I am gathering channel-
ers, healers, lightworkers and
profound spiritual teachers to
co-create a powerful week of
personal transformation in the
Mexican Riviera. We sail from
Los Angeles, CA May 16-23,
2010 on a luxury cruise ship to
Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and
Puerto Vallarta.
All-inclusive prices for the
seven-day cruise start at only
$1,100. This floating spiritual
conference was created to ex-
plore your role in shifting the
collective consciousness of hu-
manity toward peace.
All lightworkers and peace
keepers are invited to join us as
we raise our vibration and exper-
ience true inner peace. Each day
will begin with peace prayers,
toning, yoga and meditation.
Channelers will bring forth
messages and energy attune-
ments from interdimensional
realms and address the impor-
tant issues of 2012 and beyond.
We are very excited to present a
"Channel Panel" where Interdi-
mensional Beings will be chan-
neled simultaneously to inter-
act with one another.
I am honored to join inter-
n a t i o n a l l y - k n o w n channel-
ers Sal Rachele, author of Earth
Changes and 2012; Mary Mar-
tin, founder of Guided Hands;
Jeffrey Allen, Meditations for
Conscious Living; and present-
ers such as Dr. Elliott May-
nard, author of Transforming
the Global Biosphere; Daniel
Holeman and Linda Delair
on global sustainability; Tim
Miller presenting The Work by
Byron Katie; Michael Tucker
on spiritually-conscious busi-
ness and much more!
We are endorsed by The
Global Peace Project of Arcos
Cielos Research Center, a not-
for-profit corporation which
shares our v i sion of world
peace via personal spiritual
transformation. Ten percent of
all proceeds of this cruise will
be donated to participating hu-
manitarian organizations and
the purchase of some goats for
starving families.
Come and play in higher
consciousness with like-mind-
ed spiritual seekers, friends,
teachers and Ascended Masters
on beautiful turquoise waters
and white sand beaches!
We will align our energies
with God/Source and create an
amazing week of quantum heal-
ing, inner peace and joy that will
ripple out to the world and be-
yond. Join us as we co-create
our highest potentialities.
Let's dream together... let's
create peace on Earth.
Terra Sonora, author of "Awaken-
ing the Higher Self," has been an an-
gel channeler, spiritual counselor and
healer for 23 years. She has led Sacred
Journey Retreats since 1998 and lives
among the majestic red rocks of Se-
dona, AZ. Contact Terra at (928) 284-
1324 or visit www.worldpeacecruise.
World Peace Cruise
By Terra Sonora