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By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.
By understanding the laws of
nature through the Yi-Jing, 9 Star
Charts, 5 Element Theory and the
Chinese Almanac, we can fore-
cast economic trends, political
relations, weather conditions,
and the social and physical
health of the world population
for 2010. This awareness is key
to making good decisions that
keep you one step ahead.
The following forecast is in-
terpreted for all nine directions
of the globe and the United
States. The regions listed in each
direction are a general sampling
and not all-inclusive. Please visit
our website:
for full version.
Center 4, 3, 8
Kansas, Europe, Near East,
North Africa,
Center of all nations
Earth Star 8 is in the center of
both the 20-Year Period 8 and
Annual Nine Star Charts indicat-
ing that the economy improves
-- especially real estate. How-
ever, double earth Star 8 in the
center (also earth) is too much
earth and creates immobility re-
flected in the saving of money.
People will be conservative in
their spending, inhibiting eco-
nomic growth.
Sitting and facing Stars 4 and
3 are out of cycle. Related to
clerical work, accounting, and
administrative work, these fields
are not in sync with the current
economy and can be easily out-
sourced or replaced. People re-
evaluate and hone their abilities
2010 Global Forecast:
Year of the Wood Tiger
to thrive in the new economy.
Healthwise, people suffer
mental ailments due to stress.
This is especially true of return-
ing soldiers who have experi-
enced psychological trauma.
Homelessness, civilian mortal-
ity rates, unemployment, theft,
and scam artists increase.
sOuTh 8, 8, 3
Texas, Brazil, Africa,
Hong Kong
Star 3 supports the inherent
fire energies of the south. In
spring 2010, a troop of philoso-
phers and spiritual writers share
knowledge that awakens hu-
manity and stimulates the econ-
omy. Females excel in their ca-
reers. Fields related to fire, such
as beauty, fashion, art, and food,
thrive. Double Star 8 shows real
estate improves. "Three Defeat-
ing Energies" (3 Sha)
are also in
the south. Combined with Star
3 being out of cycle, this brings
obstacles related to lawmaking.
Progress occurs with struggle.
sOuThEAsT - 3, 4, 7
Florida, Philippines, Taiwan,
Thailand, Indonesia
The aggressive metal Star 7
defeats the wood energies of
the southeast. Natural resourc-
es may suffer depletion from
drought. There may be hurri-
canes, forest fires, air crashes,
or violence. Competition among
female-owned businesses, as
well as demonstrations, increase.
Star 7 relates to surgical weight-
loss procedures and alternative
healing trends, which fare well.
Out-of-cycle sitting and fac-
ing Stars 3 and 4 indicate that
miscommunication and bad
decision-making cause conflict
among the work force.
EAsT 2, 5, 6
United States East Coast,
Europe, Shanghai
Wood energies of the east
are defeated by the metal ener-
gies of Star 6. Star 6 also relates
to the west indicating that Chi-
na (east) and the United States
(west) conflict. Star 6 is associ-
ated to defense and government
systems, so President Obama
will likely encounter confronta-
tions related to the war/military,
healthcare, and financial reform.
Stars 2 and 5 together in the east
signal potential major health
issues related to food poison-
ing, virus, or digestive ailments.
These Stars also cause natural
disaster or financial loss.
nORThEAsT 7, 9, 2
New York, Beijing, Japan,
Star 2 is a feminine earth en-
ergy related to older females
who are mothers and leaders.
Because feminine earth Star 2
is supported by the masculine
earth energies of the Northeast,
females rise in power and will
be more predominant in gov-
ernment and business. Because
Star 2 is out of cycle, there are
challenges as the old patterns
change. Real estate investment
improves, especially in Beijing.
Fiery facing Star 9 and the
aggressive sitting Star 7 bring
hazards. Star 2 energy means
the northeast is susceptible to
pandemic or terrorist activity.
The last time Star 2 was in the
northeast, 9/11 occurred.
nORTh 9, 7, 4
North Dakota, Canada,
Scandinavia, Germany
The wood Star 4 supported by
the inherent water energy of the
north indicates a famous or no-
torious female will make head-
lines. Art and literature fields are
strong. Star 4 is out of cycle with
Period 8, forecasting that many
students or scholars will be un-
The facing metal Star 7 and
sitting fire Star 9 defeat each oth-
er. This combination with Star 4
can bring conditions that cause
fire, air crashes and rebellion.
nORThWEsT 5, 2, 9
Seattle, Vancouver
Star 9 is in cycle with Period
8 and relates to good connec-
tions and better economic op-
portunities with development of
exclusive products or services.
Because Star 9 is in cycle and
associated to middle-aged fe-
males, female-owned businesses
Fields related to the fire ele-
ment such as therapy, astrology,
psychic work, acting, restaurants,
technology, and laser treatment
expand. Star 9 energies com-
bined with the sitting and facing
Stars 5 and 2 indicate ailments
related to fires, volcanic erup-
tions, or explosions.
WEsT 6, 1, 1
Northern California,
United States, France
Water industries related to
water Star 1, such as trade, im-
port/export, intellectual services,
neurology, sex, entertainment,
transportation, travel, and intui-
tive arts, prosper. There will be
a redistribution of businesses
as they go abroad and online.
Double water Star 1 brings more
rain, flooding, or landslides.
Western leaders like Presi-
dent Obama are challenged. He
has supporters, but is surround-
ed by opposers who drain him.
With sitting leadership Star 6
and the movement inherent in
facing water Star 1, President
Obama will be doing diplomat-
ic work in China, Europe, Ko-
rea, Taiwan, India, and Russia.
After intense diplomatic de-
bates, these countries will real-
ize that they have to compromise
or suffer together. Ultimately,
President Obama will succeed.
Cover-ups are exposed spurring
positive reform.
sOuThWEsT 1, 6, 5
Southern California, Hawaii,
South America