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By Audrey Hope
Her ReEvolution
er salvation resides in knowing the path.
She must profoundly understand her road.
If you could tell her --
The truth of her journey,
The reason she travels,
And where she is going,
Her painsteps would have meaning.
And she'd want the shoes.
All women move around
In a circle of return.
A journey wheel back to empowered self love.
And this is her real revolution,
Her inner ride.
She cannot escape.
She cannot get off.
Her destination is always the same --
goddess initiation --
to lose herself to find herself to never lose again.
Cruxification to resurrection to power.
A ring of re's -- to remember, recover, rebirth,
A wheel of revelation, redemption, resurgence.
And so it goes,
She turns.
Turn One -- RE-CORD -- her loss of self is activated around age 5
by criticism, lack of unconditional love. Her pain is stamped.
Turn Two -- RE-BOUND -- her young self finds a way to cope with
the loss of the soul. She thinks it is her fault. She learns that love is
conditional. She begins to adapt and hide her real self.
Turn Three -- RE-PEAT -- through circumstances and people she
lives out her original wound over and over again. Life begins to have
painful themes and patterns.
Turn Four -- RE-TRACTION -- she feels hopeless. She wants to give
up. In the dark night of her soul she is forced to her knees in despair.
She must find the courage to face her demons.
TURN FIVE -- RE-FLECT / RE-VIEW -- there is some light. On her
knees she begins to look up. She seeks help to solve the riddle of her
soul. She is challenged to know a higher perspective to transcend
the pain.
TURN SIX -- RE-COVER --. She explores the way out by learning to
love herself first. She can make a powerful decision to change.
Turn SEVEN -- RESURRECTION -- like the phoenix who rises from
the ashes, she has blossomed into a queen. In her revolution she
discovers her divine marriage-- her true self to her power.
All women move around,
In a circle of return,
A journey wheel back to empowered self love.
The mission is called the "Sovereignty of the Self"
And all women must know it by name.
Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN,
an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives.
Q: I have always made a list
of New Year's resolutions or
goals. Is there an approach you
recommend that works?
San Clemente, CA
A: First, it is very important
that you have clear intention on
what you want. Clear intention
and a passion for what you de-
sire is the foundation for mani-
festation. Once your intention
is clear in your mind, and you
have the feeling that accompa-
nies the accomplishment of that
desire, consider certain daily
practices that will assist you in
creating results.
Meditation is an excellent
spiritual practice to commune
with Spirit and to have your
thoughts take form. And, it
is important to do affirmative
prayer on a daily basis. This
is the practice of affirming
through prayer that you already
have what you desire and it
is in your life as you speak it.
As you are affirming your
desire, connect with the feel-
ing of already having it. Then
release it in love and gratitude
to your higher power. There are
many other avenues for mani-
festing, but I find these two the
most powerful: meditation and
affirmative prayer.
Q: The phrase, "In this econ-
omy," seems to be a mantra
for so many people that I won-
der what it is doing to actually
change what seems to be hap-
pening for the better. To me it
means we are stuck in a down-
ward spiral that affects every-
one and we are victims of "this
economy." What do you say
about this?
Irvine, CA
A: Our principle is that our
life experience is an out-pic-
turing of our core beliefs about
the issue we are confronted
with; in your case, it is "this
economy." By allowing your
truth to be that "this economy"
is in control of your life experi-
ence, you actualize that experi-
We teach that the mind is a
first cause of any experience and
that by changing our thinking
we change our lives. The prac-
tice of monitoring your thoughts
and consciously changing them
will result in actual changes in
your external world. Since our
minds have been conditioned
for most of our lives to conform
to the race mind, it takes focus
and commitment to make the
change; and, you can do it.
If you have the opportuni-
ty, write your thoughts down
about "this economy" and what
beliefs they reflect. Then, turn
your thoughts around so they
reflect what you desire for "this
economy." You may be amazed
at the results!
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