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an hour back to our original
embarkation point.
Burma is a special place...
timeless. No words or photos can
adequately describe its unique-
ness and natural beauty.
The following morning we
hopped a plane for Mandalay.
Mandalay, with a population,
according to the U.N., of about
one million people, is the his-
toric old capital of the last Bur-
mese Kingdom, which was con-
quered by the British in 1886.
Today it's a commercial center of
sorts. When I quizzed our tour
guide as to what makes Man-
dalay tick -- economically --
he stated, without hesitation...
"drugs and gemstones!"
In Mandalay we visited more
monasteries and pagodas and
took another boat ride up the
river to the village of Mingun to
see the world's largest bell. Bells
are common and important in
Burmese Buddhist culture. Ru-
dyard Kipling managed to work
the importance of bells into his
poem on Mandalay: "For the
wind is in the palm-trees, and
the temple-bells they say: Come
you back, you British soldier;
come you back to Mandalay!"
In addition to shops where
handicrafts were made, we
also visited a gold-leaf work-
shop where paper-thin pieces
of gold were beaten into gos-
samer thin one-inch squares.
Later in the day, I would be rub-
bing these wafer thin squares on
the Buddha. Placing gold leaf
on the Buddha brings merit to
those who participate in this
ritual. One Buddha was so cov-
ered with gold leaf applied over
the centuries, that the figure was
almost unrecognizable.
After two days in Mandalay,
we flew back to Yangon. Our
seven days in Burma had come
to an end; it was long enough
for a taste of a different culture,
a different way of life, but not
long enough for me. I'll return
Burma is a land where the
15th century has collided with
the 21st century. It's unlike any
place on earth.
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"My dream is to create a
world of beauty and peace in
which we are all liv-
ing our passion and
healing our planet.
I believe when we
are walking on the
right path, in the
right career and in
right relationship
with ourselves and
others, we are in joy
and peace reflect-
ing it out into the
world," extols Leti
C. Stiles, a s e l f -
taught artist, spiri-
tual teacher and seeker.
A recent Artists Reception
(Beauty & the Brush) to show-
case Leti's personal artistic
creations was held in her "hide-
away" studio located in the can-
yon of Laguna Beach.
Guests indulged in an eve-
ning of life celebration, inspira-
tional art and thought-provok-
ing conversation while viewing
her visionary art, poetry, jewel-
ry designs and art adventures. It
was a visual and sensual "Feast
for the Eyes" and "Nourishment"
to the spirit!
Many of us were awed by
the vivid and passionate use of
scrumptious, delicious, auda-
cious colors that her `free spirit'
permitted her to explore! No
shy little attempts here... only
agreeable use of sensuous and
delectable shades of love and
"This is a milestone in my
life, a moment I have dreamed
of. I shared "The Art of the
Soul -- The Vision of Spirit" as I
am always excited to share my
creative passion with others.
Painting for me is like meditat-
ing with a brush in hand."
Corporate Escapee! Like
many women who work in the
corporate world, Leti found it
was dysfunctional and a com-
petitive environment that was
difficult for women's sensitive
cooperative natures. "I loved
working and I was able to use
my people skills to succeed.
For 25 years I
climbed the cor-
porate ladder and
achieved a high
e x e c u t ive p o s i -
tion, but it cost me
personal pain and
suffering because
the companies had
"Lost their Souls!"
"My anecdote
during this toxic
time was the pri-
vate pursuit of the
"A r t s a n d S e l f -
Expression." Remembers Leti.
"There is a saying in the art-
ist's community, `Art' is how
you deal with the insanity!"
The economy set me free as I
was downsized to be free to be
the artist I always dreamed of
Leti is excited to express her
abundant creativity and her pas-
sion for Art as a spiritual path.
The soul of an artist depends
on the connection to spirit. Be-
ing in constant communication
with the divine intelligence of
the universe is the fundamental
principle in creating from an in-
spired state.
For the past 25 years, she's
been a student of the creative
process with inspired expres-
sions being brought forth in
the unique mediums of Stained
Glass, Gourd art, Mandala art,
Jewelry Design, and painting
Visionary Art.
Leti also embraces additional
channels of expression such as
Poetry, the Sacred Art of Ceremo-
ny and Tantric Arts. She earned
an Expressive Art Therapy cer-
tificate in 1986 and has worked
privately as well as facilitating
classes and workshops.
Her renowned mentors have
been visionary teachers and art-
ists who have imparted the pas-
sion for art as a way of living and
to be fully present with the di-
vine. She has studied with Irene
Vicent, Rassouli, Jane Goldberg,
Luis Gasparetto, Bernie Prior, to
name just a few.
Leti's amazing ability to inte-
grate art, sacred space and spiri-
tual energy which resonates with
her heart and soul enables her
to produce creative expressions
that inspire the Spirit within all
who are blessed to view her
"Dear Sister"
Dear sister, let's end the suffering.
Let's die to the old ways, of broken hearts
and the rivers of tears we've cried.
Let's stop the soap opera living and the
empty romantic novel lies.
Sister, get real and tell the truth in your
heart, at least to yourself.
Let the past die and walk away from the
distortions of the lies, bury the stories of
the unfilled dreams, the betrayals and the
broken Promises, let go of what could
have been.
Dear sister, stand in your power and pro-
claim the goddess love you are right now.
There is no place to go, nothing to fix,
surrender it all and find peace.
You are not broken, you are not -- none
of the things the reruns in your mind
Dear sister, let's rise in the love of the femi-
nine and let the grace of the holy mother
embrace you and make you whole.
Shine like the radiant sun you carry in your
womb, give birth to yourself in a new
way of living.
Dear sister-love yourself first, forgive and
release everything to the earth, for she
is your mother and will lead you on this
journey home.
Poem by Leti C. Stiles
Leti C. Stiles is a multi-fac-
eted Renaissance Woman, Vi-
sionary Artist, Intuitive Guide,
Facilitator, charismatic Speaker
and Tantra Teacher. She weaves
everyday spirituality, intuitive
wisdom and Tantric arts with
her business experience to cata-
lyze change.
"My Open Heart Journeys is
focused on providing you with
classes, workshops and events
that will inspire you, help you
explore and discover your true
life purpose and express your
passion. Our intent is to help
you nurture and celebrate your
spirit, reconnect with your life's
purpose and find new ways to
cultivate your inner strength and
share your gifts with others."
Leti's Art website displays
the creative and artistic expres-
sion of Leti's Passion. View her
Art Gallery; Newsletter, Poetry,
and Calendar of Events. "I be-
lieve we are all artists in one
form or another. We create all
the time by our thoughts, words
and deeds."
For further information, contact
Leti C. Stiles at (949) 233-6321 or
By Kay Walburger
Beauty & The Brush!
Leti Stiles
By Robert Ross
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