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By Lyda Whiting
ThAT's lIKE mE!
Written by Jill Lauren
This wonderful book explains
the experience of having learn-
ing differences through the eyes
of children and adults who live
with them. Included are chil-
dren and teenagers who have
a different way of learning and
have discovered that they can
excel in sports, science, dance,
art, and school.
One teenager helped create
an award-winning mural. An-
other drives race cars. The adults
finished school and became a
trapeze artist, a musician, an
event producer, and an inven-
tor. One is a New York City
firefighter. Another was the first
woman to reach the North Pole;
she teaches students to never
give up and to follow their own
The people and their learning
differences vary. Some of those
profiled have trouble reading or
doing math. Others have diffi-
culty concentrating or memo-
rizing. Some had help at an early
age from teachers and schools
specializing in learning differ-
Some others made it through
school without anyone recog-
nizing their special learning
needs. Each story fills two pages
with the success story of one
of these achievers and pictures
of them and their accomplish-
These personal accounts of
the difficulties and triumphs of
people with learning differenc-
es will move and motivate chil-
dren and adults alike. This is an
important and helpful book for
children and the adults who
care about them, whether there
are learning differences present
or not. Everyone who reads it
will be inspired to keep trying
until they succeed.
Highly recommended for ages
three to adult.
Published by Star Bright Books,
this book is available at your local
Written and illustrated by
Cathy Diez-Luckie
This imaginative book pres-
ents figures from history, includ-
ing kings and scholars, religious
and military leaders, and even
one of Hannibal's elephants,
in a fun and realistic way. Chil-
dren will play with Alexander
the Great, King Hammurabi of
Babylon, and Pharaoh Khufu
while learning about their lives
and civilizations.
Children can act out histori-
cal events like Qin Shi Huangdi,
the first Chinese emperor, order-
ing the building of the original
Great Wall of China and com-
missioning a huge terracotta
army of life-sized soldiers to be
buried with him.
Children can play imagina-
tively through history, introduc-
ing Aristotle, the great Greek
philosopher, to Nebuchadnez-
zar II, who built the Hanging
Gardens of Babylon, one of the
wonders of the ancient world.
The book includes a brief bi-
ography of each figure that will
give children the desire to learn
Each figure is dressed in his-
torically-accurate clothing and
is presented twice. One ver-
sion is filled in with appropri-
ate colors based on authentic
mosaics, paintings, and statues
of the period. The other ver-
sion is ready to become inven-
tively colorful through a child's
crayons, colored pencils, or
Children can cut out the fig-
ures and assemble them into
movable action figures. Each
sturdy page is easy to remove
from the book and has all the
pieces for one figure. There are
easy-to-follow instructions for
assembly, and the pieces are
labeled on the back to make it
easier to put them together.
Recommended for ages six
to ten.
Published by Figures in Motion,
this book is available at your local
Written by Jeanne Gehret,
illustrated by Michael LaDuca
Ben loves to walk the nature
trail with his family. He sees
an eagle hunting for fish, car-
dinals at the bird feeder, and
deer footprints. But he gets ex-
cited and scares the chickadees
his sister Emily is feeding, and
she gets mad at him. At home,
Ben has to work all evening on
his homework while Emily plays
because she already finished her
Ben can't get to sleep that
night. The next day, Ben discov-
ers he forgot to bring all that
work to school. Ben is discour-
aged until his dad takes him to
a specialist who tells them that
Ben has Attention Deficit Dis-
order. Ben has eagle eyes and
notices everything, but doesn't
know when to focus.
The specialist shows the
family some tricks to help Ben
to remember simple tasks and
sleep better, and gives Ben some
medicine that helps too. The
next time Dad takes Emily and
Ben to the trail, Dad trips and
hurts his knee. He needs help,
and Emily does not remember
the way back to the ranger sta-
tion. But because he sees every
detail, Ben remembers the way
and gets the rangers. Ben helps
his dad and discovers he is glad
to be his own eagle-eyed self.
This book covers Attention
Deficit Disorder in a way that
children can understand. There
are resources included about
ADD and nature, and discussion
starter questions at the back of
the book.
Recommended for ages seven
to nine.
Published by Verbal Images Press,
this book is available at your local
JOuRnAl buddIEs:
JOuRnAl buddIEs:
Written and illustrated by
Jill Schoenberg
The unique part of these two
journals -- one designed for girls
and one for boys -- is the child
shares their journal by com-
pleting each entry with a buddy.
The buddy can be a friend who
is also keeping a buddy journal.
Or it can be a friend who doesn't
have a journal.
It can be a family member,
pet, or even an imaginary play-
mate. There are thirty guided
entries, and the child chooses
to have the same buddy each
time, or a different buddy each
Each entry includes a place to
list three qualities, traits or tal-
ents the buddy enjoys about the
child, and three the child likes
about their buddy. To help with
this, the book includes a list of
qualities, traits and talents that
can be used in journal entries.
The child is encouraged to
draw on the pages, add stick-
ers and stamps, and to glue in
pictures and photos. There is
a list of journaling ideas at the
beginning to spur exploration
and fun.
These creative interactive
journals help children focus on
the positive characteristics they
like in themselves and others,
and practicing kindness by shar-
ing what they see. Their self-
esteem and self-confidence will
grow stronger and they will en-
joy being themselves.
For ages eight to ten.
Published by Blue Sky at Night
Publishing, this book is available at
your local bookstore.