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ing a relationship with our core,
we can learn to uncover our in-
ner source and earn from it the
power to rise above destructive
behaviors and mediocrity, into
a position of deep peace, hope
and excitement for the future.
The profound process of-
fered here is divided into three
segments of seven days each,
to cover three important evolu-
tionary phases: the past, the
present and the future.
By virtue of undertaking this
intensive approach, the author
promises that we will experi-
ence a total immersion towards
a process of self-knowing, first
by clearing out our outdated
beliefs and letting go of false
assumptions that are deep root-
ed in our minds and souls.
Recognizing your worst ex-
periences and becoming aware
of what is holding you back by
examining your past is the first
step in awareness, emotional
freedom and spiritual libera-
The author, a life coach,
speaker and teacher for the last
20 years, guides us by first ex-
plaining the process and show-
ing us the preparation and
tools necessary to embark on
this 21-day journey. The next
step is to be in a position to take
an honest look at who you are
and what you truly desire to-
day. Finally, after recognizing
the power of the present, you
will have an opportunity to use
your clear channels to recog-
nize your aspirations and make
them come through.
Published by HarperOne, this book
is available at your local bookstore or
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard
dIVInE sOul mInd
bOdy hEAlInG And
TRAnsmIssIOn sysTEm
The Divine Way to Heal You,
Humanity, Mother Earth,
and All Universes
By Dr. Zhi Gang Sha
As part of a four-book series
on spiritual healing, ancient
teachings, soul communication,
soul healing and divine living,
Dr. Sha now guides us on how to
find the keys for spiritual guid-
ance by learning the concepts
and wisdom of the soul, mind
and body, concepts which can
heal everyone and everything.
The author, Dr. Sha, is an
M.D. in China and a doctor of
An Emergency Guide for
Women Who Feel Like
They Are Falling Apart
By Mia Lundin, R.N.C., N.P.
An entirely new way of look-
ing at female hormonal imbal-
ance that resonates with 25
million women who feel like
Herbs, Nutrition & Other
Natural Therapies
By Amanda McQuade
Crawford, RH (AHG) MNIMH
The first edition has been a
women's favorite for over a
decade. In this new second edi-
tion, Crawford focuses on the
newest natural ways to cope
with perimenopause and the
postmenopausal years by com-
bining biomedical and herbal
traditions. She addresses issues
such as hormone replacement
therapy and hot flashes, night
sweats, depression, cardiovas-
cular risk, and osteoporosis, as
well as the most effective and
least toxic ways to meet these
The Natural Menopause
Handbook focuses on herbs,
nutrition and other natural ap-
proaches for perimenopause
-- the time leading up to and
including the Change -- and
postmenopausal years. Wom-
en need high-quality informa-
tion placed in the correct con-
text to make smart choices about
their self-care as well as their
health care.
Women need to know what
lifestyle choices support their
health and reduce risk, and what
tools they have to manage their
symptoms in effective, non-tox-
ic ways. These needs are espe-
cially acute as women transition
through menopause. This book
empowers women to discover
such therapies in the pursuit of
good health.
Published by Crossing Press, this
book is available at bookstores and
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis
A Tale of Enlightenment
Patrick Cain
A fascinating spiritual
adventure novel about
perceiving beyond
ordinary reality and
discovering another
world, hidden beneath
the surface of the conscious mind.
The wily shaman admonishes: "Life
is always speaking to us, revealing
something in a new light -- but you
have to be keen as a hawk to see it!"
$14.00 paper, 180 pgs 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN 978-0-9659223-2-6
Lifestream Publishing - 6641 S. Kings Ranch Rd.
#5-255, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118
traditional Chinese medicine
who has trained in the most ad-
vanced cellular healing science
now practiced and is involved
in breakthrough research on
the effect of spirituality on the
human system.
Beginning with detailed dis-
cussions on types of karma and
soul blockages, attitudes, mind-
sets and beliefs, we are also
shown how to recognize energy
and matter blockages, from in-
side ourselves as well as from
our outside environment. After
telling us how the system works,
we are then shown strategies,
word-by-word, along with prac-
tices for purification, flexibility,
self-healing and forgiveness.
Whether you already em-
ploy a practice, or are a neo-
phyte to the process, you will
be put into a position to re-
move the negative and receive
the positive. Using the power of
the soul for healing, rejuvena-
tion, the prolonging of life and
transformation of every aspect
of life, including relationships
and finances, you will benefit
by the techniques put forward
in this book.
Published by Atria Books, this
book is available at your local book-
store or
Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard
they are falling apart, losing it,
or "going insane," is presented
by author Mia Lundin, a "last
hope" women's health practi-
Without grouping all wom-
en into one category, she iden-
tifies the symptoms of emotion-
al and psychological problems
-- be they depression, panic
attacks, memory loss or even
acting out of character and then
offers support, information and
treatment. The core of the plan
is to use bio-identical hormones
and supplements carefully cho-
sen to manipulate brain chem-
Based on the author's expe-
rience in her thriving medical
practice, women can be liber-
ated from their emotional tur-
moil with step-by-step tailor-
made rescue prescriptions.
Unlike other books about hor-
mones on the market, Female
Brain Gone Insane is less fo-
cused on physiological changes
such as bone loss and weight
gain, and instead tackles the
legitimate panic and distress
women feel as they experience
symptoms associated with emo-
tional and intellectual turmoil,
including mood swings, loss of
memory, brain fog, irritability
and insomnia, to name a few.
The key to a woman's well-
being is balanced brain chem-
istry and this book offers valu-
able, customizable solutions for
every woman. The author's pri-
mary message is that women do
not need to suffer debilitating
emotional symptoms.
Published by HCI Books, this book
is available at bookstores and www.
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis