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Full-spectrum health and wellness services... in sacredness
Luciana Hardin is co-director of
the Agape Well-Being Ministry and
a licensed acupuncturist, herbal-
ist, Reiki practitioner, nutritionist,
health educator and medical qi
gong teacher. Her work releases
fatigue, pain, stress, hormonal im-
balances, emotional disharmony,
and immune disorders, revealing
a renewed body/mind/spirit. (310)
Jordan Allen is a Licensed Mas-
sage Therapist and an instructor
at IPSB. His presence and touch
is strong and nurturing, creating
a space for clients to open to his
transformative visionary body-
work. Jordan also teaches through-
out the country and hosts work-
shops and retreats geared to-
ward healing and accessing divine
potential. (323) 630-7752,
Eleonore Koury
is a Certified
Reiki Master Teacher and Licensed
Massage Therapist. She specializes
in assisting individuals and groups
in aligning to their wholeness utiliz-
ing Reiki, spiritual & life guidance,
breathwork, bodywork, and medi-
tation coaching. Reiki Trainings,
Meditation Gatherings, Retreats.
662040625 (310) 462-4114,
5601 W. Slauson Ave., Suite 138
Culver City, CA 90230
Luciana Hardin, Jordan Allen
and Eleonore Koury
Trauma affects our souls deeply.
Joan's Somatic-Experiencing work,
in combination with energy heal-
ing, puts emphasis on a complete
body-mind integration and allows
healing to take place on the deep-
est levels of the soul.
Call now for more information
(858) 273-2240
Joan has studied and practiced
energy healing for 30 years. She
is a Barbara Brennan Healing Sci-
ence Practitioner and taught at the
Barbara Brennan School of Healing
for a period of 2 years. Joan studies
Psychodynamics and Spiritual Psy-
chology at the Ridhwan School
and followed a 10-year Diamond
Heart Teacher Training program.
Joan is certified in Massage Ther-
apy and Craniosacral Therapy. She
is a Core Energetics Practitioner,
graduated in 1998. She taught at
the International Snowlion School
of Healing in France and at Mueller
College in San Diego. Joan currently
teaches at the Lionheart Institute
of Healing.
Practice in Pacific beach, san diego
(5 min. off the I-5)
Joan Luly, CMT, SEP
Healer, Counselor, Teacher
Trauma -- allow deep healing to take place
"Convenient one stop shopping
for your needs"
Bookstore, ongoing classes and
classroom/treatment room rental!
Your heartWalk Center
1456 Hwy. 179
Sedona, AZ 86336
(928) 204-5589
A complete healing center for
the discerning individual, group or
workshop, maximizing your time in
beautiful Sedona, Arizona.
We are the ONLY Integrated
Energy Therapy
Center in the area.
Healing with the Angels
, the next
level beyond Reiki
will get your
`issues out of your tissues'.
· Integrated Energy Therapy
(IET), healing the physical, emo-
tional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Your heartWalk Center
(928) 204-5589
Your Heartwalk Center in Sedona, Arizona
Helping you to open your heart...
Starla Gierer is announcing the
opening of Illuminating Ener-
getics, harmonics for the soul, in
collaboration with Star Concepts
Productions in Orange County.
Her business involves the Evolv-
ing field of Energetics and Energy
Frequencies, and how to listen to
the body.
Starla is an energy healer using
a variety of different techniques.
Illuminating Energetics... Starla Gierer, Energy Healer
The final result is that the individual
will discover their energetic body
messages, vitality and core clarity.
· DaretoDream
· StarConceptsforSports
· IlluminatingHarmonics
for the Soul
Starla brings her extraordinary
skill, expertise and research to this
Energetic Field of Illumination.
For more information
and to reserve an appointment
(949) 933-0902
or email
Starla Gierer