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Susana "La Pronostica" is
well known in Southern California
and Mexico for her gift as a psy-
chic and healer. She has brought
a sense of respect and dignity to
the psychic profession and is one
of the most sought-after psychics
in San Diego.
She has a full range of clients
from multicultural backgrounds
and professions and has worked
with the local police departments
to assist with their investigations.
PSychic SuSaNa "La Pronostica"
Reverend -- Gifted Psychic -- Healer -Spiritual Teacher
Presently, Susana is instructing
classes on deep meditation and
awareness of the third eye, and is
an active lecturer in psychic fairs.
Spanish Tarot Flower
Crystal Ball
Water, Fire
Past Life
Inner Medium
Reading for the next year
Awareness of the 3
Development of Psychic Abilities
Deep meditation
Channeling & Angel Work
Healing -- Energy & Crystal Work
Candle & Mexican Folk Magick
Spanish Tarot Card
(619) 838-5186
Readings by phone, letter, e-mail, or in person
"La Pronostica"
Were you born to be a
In your heart, in your mind, you
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Tarzana, CA
(800) 479 9464
to working with you towards heal-
Please visit my website for free
healing articles and how I will
work with you as a spiritual heal-
er. Enjoy my "healing with love"
column in this issue.
(858) 792-1779
(for appt)
When people hear the name
of my book, "Love Heals: How to
Heal Everything with Love,"
often say, "I believe that. Love
does heal!"
That's the story of who I am as
a healer. I help people experience
healing & transformation through
divine Love.
The Final Destination of Love is Healing
And You Deserve All Healing!
I let divine Love speak to me
through intuition and we listen to-
gether to Love's solution.
Whether the challenge is physi-
cal, a difficult relationship, past
trauma, economic struggle, low
self esteem, life purpose, or any-
thing else, Love brings light and
healing to all of this. I look forward
Shannon Peck
get in touCH WitH your perSonal gatekeeper...
the producer/director of the play your soul wrote before you came into this lifetime
The Twelve Virtues take that St.
Germain has talked about will be
completed in time for Christmas
presents. Buy the set of twelve
and two of them will be free. The
virtues are: Courage, Clarity,
Grace, Nobility, Authority, Hon-
esty, Vision, Compassion/Wis-
dom, Integrity, Truth, Faith and
Love. they are available on CD's
and DVD's.
We are now on YouTube. Go to
MollyRowland33 and check it
out. We have many new things on
the website. If you haven't looked
lately do so.
Our next event is New Year's Eve
with St. Germain. 2010 will be the
year of Integration.
Molly Rowland trans-channels
St. Germain, The Council of Light-
Ascended Masters and members
of the Space Brotherhood. Her
ability to put you directly in touch
with your personal Gatekeeper is
She is a Medical Intuitive, Astro-
logical Consultant and Tarot reader
with over 40 yrs. experience.
Check out our new toning CD Global
Glory: A Gift from the Masters.
For more information, visit:
P.O. Box 1052, Lander, WY 82520
(307) 335-8113
Molly Rowland