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Boni Light
Isn't it time to move beyond
what no longer works and holds
you back, and to participate more
passionately and fully with the life
you prefer?
Understand and experience
yourself, your relationships, and
your world differently. And rekindle
your passion for being alive.
Expand into next...
"I am here to assist and support
you through the changes and
expansions you want in your life
now. Change can be a fearful
event or an exciting exploration.
Experience hope and a sense of
well-being as you walk into next."
With more than 30 years' exper-
ience as a Breath Therapist, Insight
Counselor, Rebirther, and Reiki
Practitioner, Boni Light provides
a safe, supportive space where
gentle self-growth and resolution
through alternate understanding
and love is achieved.
For more information on
Private Sessions, On-going
groups, or Workshops...
(949) 487-5138
Judith-Annette Milburn, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist PSY5649
At the Center we believe you
can Live Life consciously from
the Heart Center, from a place
of unconditional love and tran-
scend the self judgments and
fears of the ego and wounded
child. This depth work unites tra-
ditional psychology with psycho-
This is the 15th 8-month in-
tensive psycho-spiritual group
designed to provide a supportive,
non-judgmental space to explore
and understand life. You'll learn
to be your authentic self, love
yourself unconditionally, and make
friends with your conscious and
unconscious aspects, including
your unappreciated strengths, fears
and self-judgments, so you can live
confidently and fully.
A small group experience to ex-
press and complete old emotional
Individual and couple sessions
(714) 968-4202
For more information on groups:
10101 Slater Avenue, Suite 237
Fountain Valley 92708
depression, anxiety, trauma, grief,
insomnia, dependencies, dis-ease,
and eating disorders.
Kathleen can be reached in
Encinitas & Laguna Beach, and will
be holding workshops throughout
the year.
(858) 646-9808
Accelerated Ion Detox &
Nutritional Support Available
for more information
Core-level Healing...
Shamanic Counselor
and Past-Life Therapist
After two near-death experien-
ces, Kathleen Downey understood
that healing the spirit would heal
the body, therefore she sought
the healing of original medicine,
that of the Shaman. While fighting
cancer, Lyme disease and a herni-
ated spine, she experienced mira-
cles in healing.
Seven years of training with all
the leading experts in the field,
including indigenous tribal heal-
ers worldwide, lead her to 10 years
of developing a breakthrough
Past-Life Therapy which has fa-
cilitated miraculous healings for
shamanic Counseling, soul
Retrieval, Extraction and Past-
life Therapy empowers you to be-
come your own healer, it is a
core-level life-changing experi-
ence that addresses: behavior
patterns and core beliefs, the aging
process, menopause symptoms,
pregnancy without IVF, pain,
Learn what your Angels want
you to know right now
Partner with your Angels
to strengthen your creative
Let your Angels help you to
express your creative gifts
Learn how to work more
powerfully and effectively with
your Angels.
"My primary gift is helping you to
connect with your Angels for guid-
ance, assistance, healing, love and
illumination of your next step on your
soul's journey."
Join Christopher for Angel Cir-
cles & Classes by Phone, Personal
Sessions and upcoming events in
your area.
Visit for FREE
Angel messages and FREE monthly
Call to schedule a personal
consultation and Angel Session.
Toll Free:
(866) 200-9148
Ask an Angel ...
Your Angels are ready, willing and able to help you!
Christopher Dilts
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