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Gwyn, liza, Kimber & ladonna
Gwyn has been counseling &
helping people with her gift for
over 30 years. Using the tarot, the
palm and channeling spirit guides
she is able to see what future events
may be coming in your life.
liza can remember being psy-
chic ever since she was a little girl.
With an ability passed down from
her ancestors, she has a unique
connection to Spirit developed
since a very young age.
Kimber had always had an un-
canny ability to "read" people
through mind-body connection
involving color. She communicates
through energy, vibrations, aura,
color, clairvoyant and no doubt an
ladonna is a true professional
that connects you to other dimen-
sions, your spirit guides, and
Angels. Angels sing to her, and
poetic messages come through
in her readings.
The Latest Thing
Unique Bookstore & Gift Shop
1576 Newport Blvd.
Costa Mesa, Ca 92627
We Are Open
7 days a Week
(949) 574-8900
Phone Readings Available
Walk-ins Welcome
Transform Your Health
Whole-Food Nutrition
Whole-food nutritional vita-
mins and supplements that are
cultured in probiotics are ab-
sorbed and utilized much better
by our body than traditional iso-
lated vitamins.
Herbal Therapeutics
Organic herbs extracted with
low heat and free of extraction
chemicals provide a purer and
more potent herbal formula.
Internal Cleansing
Cleansing removes toxins and
other unhealthy materials from
our body through the use of
herbs, natural supplements, fiber
and probiotics, along with the
healthy cleanse diet. Reducing and
eliminating toxins by cleansing
can relieve the toxic load from
our liver and other internal organs,
prevent disease and restore vital
health and energy.
Visit Us Today...
If you are ready for better health,
more energy, healthy weight loss,
clean out, learn more about nutri-
tion and health.
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Christine's Cleanse Corner, Inc.
(858) 673-0224
Herbalist, Author,
Publisher of
the "Transform
Your Health"
Nutrition & Health
Newsletter, &
Founder of
Cleanse Corner,
Christine Dreher
Visions & Dreams is Orange
County's premier metaphysical
center, serving the community for
more than 26 years.
We have grown from a small
retailer to a true center offering a
wide variety of classes and events.
We have thrived because we
listen to our customers and make
available what they are seeking.
Your source for all your
spiritual needs...
Day of the Oracle
The Visions & Dreams Intuitive
Readers will be available
for mini-readings
saturday January 9
11am to 5pm
10 minutes - $10
Mon. thru Fri. 10am to 8pm
Sat/Sun 10am to 7pm
James Wanless, PhD
World-renown Tarot expert,
creator of the Voyager Tarot
2010... yEAR OF ThE
How to use the EMPRESS energy
to create 2010 as a year for being
happy, healthy, holy and wealthy!
saturday January 23
1pm to 4pm
$45 pre-reg. $55 at door
Private consultations Available
giftS of eMPoWeRMeNt . . .
2482 Newport Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 650-6929
Visions & dreams
Gifts of Empowerment
Our Retail store has a great
selection of Raw, Vegan & Organic
foods, natural hair & skin care
items and essential oils, plus other
health related products.
We also carry an extensive sel-
ection of books and DVD's on
Nutrition, Health, Freethinking,
Conspiracies, Ancient Civiliza-
tions, Environmental Issues, Ani-
mal Rights and Spirituality.
We host Weekly Seminars,
Workshops, Movie Screenings and
other Special Events. We will soon
have more crystals and gift items
available as well as a selection of
Organic Clothing and Accessories.
World Class Speakers & Award-
Winning Films & Documentaries
now available as a Pay Per View
Option Online at www.TheLiving and coming soon at
The Living Temple
7561 Center Avenue, #40
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 891-5117
Store Hours:
Mon.-Sat. 11.00am to 7.00pm
and Sunday 12.00 to 6.00pm