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Time to tell a New Story?
Trapped in Your Old Tired Story?
Family & Friends avoid you?
Could they be sick & tired of
your Old Sad Story?
Are you sick & tired of your
Old Sad Story?
Or are you `Sick & Tired' because
of your Old Sad Story?
"Words" have power to heal or....?
Would you like to join me in
Writing & Telling
"Your New Empowering Story?"
Play n Prosper Network Presents:
"Telling My New Story!"
Play-Shop for Writing & Telling
"Your New Empowering Story?"
Start 2010 with an Elegant
New Beginning!
Date, Time, Place & Investment
To Be Announced
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Would you like to get paid to play?
provides classes, healing, inspira-
tion, tools, and resources to help
you make the changes in your life
to live a more full, satisfying, and
balanced life.
Workshops & Classes:
· HowtoMoveYourselffrom
Just Surviving to Thriving
· EmbodyingTheGoddess
Tora Moon
Healer, Writer, Speaker
Are you dissatisfied, disappointed,
even discouraged?
Would you like MORE Love,
Harmony, and Balance in your life?
Do you want to Transform
Your Life from Just Surviving to
"Thrival" is the State of Being or
Act of Thriving. Living In Thrival
· Meditationfor
· SoundHealingCircles
For current classes and events
see our website.
Contact Tora Moon
(714) 393-3365
Living In Thrival
learn to live in Thrival
No Matter What's Happening in Your Life
Alexandria II, serving the San
Gabriel Valley since 1985, offers
a wide selection of new and used
books, music, DVDs, incense,
candles, tarot cards, aromatherapy
and wiccan products.
Looking for a special gift?
Browse through our expansive
collection of unique jewelry, crys-
tals and stones, angels, altar pieces,
statuary, and more.
Also offering:
(phone readings available)
with a donation to one
of our featured charities
Mon-Sat 10-9, Sun 10-7
Visit us at:
Alexandria II Bookstore
170 S. Lake Ave, Suite 100
Pasadena, Ca 91101
(626) 792-7885
I invite you to join us for an
immersive spiritual and restora-
tive journey to the ancient and
mysterious land of Peru!
Food and lodging at Willka T'ika
Guesthouse located in the Sacred
Valley between Cusco and Machu
Picchu, providing gourmet vegetar-
ian meals.
Package includes 7 nights at Wi-
lka T'ika, two days/nights in Cusco
City, two days at Machu Picchu,
Guides, authentic Andean ceremo-
nies, transport, hotel accommoda-
tion, entrance tickets and tourist
train to Machu Picchu.
Includes tours and hikes to sev-
eral additional sacred sites, Yoga
Classes, Sound Healing Ceremo-
nies and Meditations within the
Will'ka Tika Chakra Gardens and
sacred sites
Non-refundable deposit of $500
due with registration. Costs ex-
cluding airfare: EARly bIRd: $2650/
person (deposit deadline January
30, 2010) COuPlEs: $5600 / couple
and $2950 / person (deposit dead-
line of April 1, 2010). Credit cards
Co-leaders Phyllis douglass
and shawn mcClain.
(909) 967-0246
Event Info, Itinerary &
Registration Forms Available:
Visit Us at the Conscious Life Expo -- February 12-14, 2010