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The problem lies in how we do
them, who guides us and why.
We need to expect more from
our leaders: accountability and
credibility -- not just great mar-
keting. We also need to expect
more from ourselves.
Each teacher and each stu-
dent must take as much respon-
sibility as possible to live, act
and choose with accountability.
That means integrity, credibility,
proper training and humility.
There is a line between trusting
another and ignoring your intu-
ition and safety.
This sad event calls us to see
that our world is out of balance
and people need retreats and
self-help leaders more than ever.
But we also need more discern-
An Evening of Individual Attention with Vaishali
Jan 30th 7:00-9:00pm @ (Location TBA upon enrollment), Burbank, CA
How to Make You Mind Your Friend: Detoxify Your Mind, Body and Emotions
March 19th 7:00-9:00pm @ Learning Light Foundation
March 20th 11:00-4:00pm @ Mysterium Bookstore & Theatre, Orange, CA
March 21st 11:00-4:00pm @ Mysterium Bookstore & Theatre, Orange, CA
March 26th 7:00-9:30pm @ Bodhi Tree Bookstore, West Hollywood, CA
March 28th 1:00-5:00pm @ (Location TBA), Thousand Oaks, CA
You Are What You Love: You've Got Questions; We've Got Answers
March 23rd 7:00-9:00pm @ Mystic Journey's Bookstore, Venice, CA
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ment, more caution and more
accountability in such things
than ever before.
Spiritual practices are more
powerful than most people will
ever know; I have spent my life
learning that firsthand. But any-
thing with power, even medi-
cine, has the ability to hurt as
much as it has the ability to heal.
Dr. Jonathan Ellerby has studied
sweat lodges and numerous other
spiritual practices around the world
for over 20 years. Blending extensive
periods of mentoring with academic,
research, and professional experi-
ence, he brings a rare perspective
and credibility to the world of self-
help and spirituality. The author of
"Return to the Sacred" and creator
of the CD set, "Your Spiritual Person-
ality" he works as Spiritual Program
Director for the highly-acclaimed
Canyon Ranch Health Resorts. Please
visit: www.
Dressed in the robes of Gan-
dhi and the gift of the gab, Irish-
man Dermot Butterly walked
across America. Dermot left L.A.
on May 17, 2008 and arrived in
D.C. outside the White House on
August 19, 2009.
In 2007, I went to India to
find myself and with no luck
I decided instead to travel. I
met a man who invited me to
his little village called Soro.
I spent three amazing weeks
there showering from a bucket
and teaching the local chil-
dren how to speak English thru
songs. It was an incredible ex-
perience that touched my heart
I was asked to help build an
education center for the kids
and the adults. I told my friend
I would find a way. In the show-
er one evening I got the idea to
dress up as Gandhi and walk
across America for Peace, while
raising funds for the village.
For sixteen months that's ex-
actly what I did. I spent many
days walking and talking with
people about peace, inviting
them to ask the question, "What
does peace mean to me and
how can I create more of it in
my life?"
I stopped at local radio sta-
tions, newspapers, and high
schools to have conversations
about peace. I also learned a lot
about myself and life along the
way. I learned to be more flex-
ible day by day, if the tree can't
bend with the wind then it will
break. I learned to take life one
day at a time, not to sweat the
little things, and to stay positive
even when everything around
me was telling me otherwise.
I had quite a few challeng-
ing moments during the peace
walk -- everything from heat
stroke and exhaustion in the
desert to freezing temperatures
in Oklahoma. I thought of quit-
ting many times, but kept on
walking, knowing how I want-
ed to be of service to this little
village in India. I wanted to do
something in my life that I felt I
couldn't possibly achieve.
I found that the secret to be-
ing happy is to do things for oth-
ers. We still have some work to
do on raising the funds for the
village. We are making a docu-
mentary about the journey with
some of the proceeds going back
to the village to help build the
center. As Gandhi said, peace
comes from within. "We must
be the Change we wish to see
in the World."
Irishman Dressed as Gandhi
Walks from Los Angeles to
Washington D.C. for Peace
By Dermot Butterly