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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
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ency in a more intricate lan-
guage of gender than most of
us have been taught from birth.
Becoming familiar with rules of
Wild Attraction is invaluable,
but no degree of familiarity will
ever give any human being the
upper hand. The reality of love
-- that it is a wild thing ulti-
mately out of our control -- is
far more powerful than the illu-
sion of love as something we can
tame or master.
Those who have seen the
Wild Attraction animal close up
know something of gender and
love as they are about to be por-
trayed here. The poetry of Rumi,
Shakespeare, and countless oth-
ers springs from this particular
well. Those who have felt the full
force of Wild Attraction know
that no one can offer guarantees
-- not about sexuality, love, at-
traction, or fidelity.
They know of the existence
of a call that, once it comes, must
be obeyed. Not everyone hears
this signal in its full and compel-
ling fury -- and society perpetu-
ates the myth that our sexuality is
a function of bio-logically-based
internal drives alone.
But deep down, almost every-
one yearns to hear that call and
fears it in the cells of the body.
Those who want to face the
prospect of this summons with
intelligence and compassion --
to own and celebrate their es-
sential wildness but somehow
make it work as it might actually
have been designed to work --
are my intended audience.
The force I am portraying can
throw you together with an in-
compatible mate while perpetu-
ating the illusion of free choice.
With equal ease, it can isolate
you over the course of an entire
lifetime. Although this animate
force has hopes for you, it often
seems to have no mercy.
And as long as it is unac-
knowledged, it is no more reli-
able than Puck in Shakespeare's
Midsummer Night's Dream and
no less manically zany than the
Marx Brothers.
Wild Attraction is in some
respects an account of sight-
ing a rare animal previously un-
known to human science, not
unlike the first reports of the dis-
covery of gorillas in dense green
rain forests a century ago. Peo-
ple scoffed at the idea of man-
sized apes in a world that, even
at that relatively quaint time,
seemed to have been thoroughly
The assertion that a Wild At-
traction creature exists is more
revolutionary; nobody will be
bringing back a body part to
back up this claim, as someone
eventually did to resolve the go-
rilla controversy.
For most people back then,
the existence of gorillas was
a purely theoretical question,
since few of these large herbi-
vores were foraging in people's
bedrooms and backyards. But
the question of Wild Attraction
is of immediate and practical
concern. This creature speaks
and acts through us and has the
power to inspire within us the
obsessive and compulsive reac-
tions that we experience as ro-
mantic love and attraction.
In describing Wild Attraction
in this way, I have no wish to
marginalize the roles that our bi-
ology and psychology play but
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rather want to radically expand
the sense of what sexuality is. The
Wild Attraction model meets this
need equally well whether ad-
opted as a metaphor or accepted
literally as the description of an
actual sentience roaming some-
where in an expanded coexistent
universe. I see it as the latter.
Whichever way that you may
choose to frame it, this thing I
call Wild Attraction makes a
fabulous, potent ally on a road
leading to powerful intimacy
with the mystery from which we
all spring. If you learn to under-
stand and collaborate with it,
Wild Attraction will awaken you,
carry you to places you cannot
imagine in advance of your ar-
rival. It will give you the means
to safeguard your love and your
mate to the degree allowed by
fate, throughout your life. Wild
Attraction can never be domes-
ticated, but it wants to be har-
nessed. And, suggestively, it
wants to harness you.
You may be amazed at the
rich and complex nature of this
remarkable animal, and also find
yourself a bit aghast at how little
its nature is understood in our
People ignore Wild Attrac-
tion at their peril, as most of the
human race rediscovers and im-
mediately forgets, everyday. But
this living amalgam of the male
and female gender essences
is probably our most powerful
friend in the struggle to create
ever greater, more capable hu-
man beings.
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