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"family secrets." She told me,
"I want to pass the power onto
I was astounded to learn I
came from a lineage of intuitive
healers on her side of the family
-- my Jewish grandmother who
did laying on of hands in a shed
behind the pharmacy she and
Grandpop ran in Philadelphia,
and east coast aunts and cous-
ins I had never met since I grew
up in California.
Also, my mother had a strong
inner voice which told her how
to treat patients for over forty
years. She had listened to this
voice and secretly used her in-
nate healing powers to keep her
lymphoma in remission for many
"Why didn't you tell me?"
I asked her. She said simply, "I
wanted you to lead a normal,
happy life, not to be thought of
as weird like your grandmother
Oh Mother... I will always be
grateful for what she shared, but,
still... she had waited so long.
Even so, I believe in the wis-
dom of the paths we have been
given. Mine has been to fight for
what I believed in despite what
my parents or anyone said. An
invaluable but rugged lesson in
These days, no matter what
I'm going through, especially
when my heart is torn in a mil-
lion pieces, my intuition has sus-
tained me. I hope that my journey
in my book "Second Sight" can
help you. One thing I'm certain
of: if you follow your intuitive
voice, you can't go wrong. Stay
true to it.
Intuition is about empower-
ment, not having to conform to
someone else's notion of who
you should be. It's about being
true to yourself, and the good-
ness that comes from that.
Judith Orloff, M.D., is author
of the best-seller "Second Sight," an
inspiring and controversial memoir
about coming to terms with her in-
tuitive gifts, upon which this article
is based. Her other books are "Emo-
tional Freedom, Guide to Intuitive
Healing," and "Positive Energy." She
is assistant clinical professor of Psy-
chiatry at UCLA and an international
workshop leader. For more informa-
tion about the new updated edition of
"Second Sight" and Dr. Orloff's books
and workshops, please visit www.
Article is adapted from "Second
Sight" (Three Rivers Press, 2010)
dr. Orloff will be speaking at the
Conscious life Expo in los Angeles
February 12-15. Visit Judith at www.
march 10, pm - Talk and Book
signing, Borders Books, 1360
Westwood Blvd., West Los An-
geles, CA (310) 474-3444.
march 12, 7-9pm - Talk and
Book Signing, Awakening Sec-
ond Sight, Seaside Center for
Spiritual Living in Encinitis, CA,
march 25, 7pm - Talk and
Book Signing, Mystic Journey
Bookstore, 1319 Abbot Kinney
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ticjourneybook (310)
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