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in some way in the midst of her
own busy life.
8. Communicate our hurts,
and be equally willing to apolo-
gize and forgive.
It only weakens our family,
tribe and relationships, if we
keep things bottled up or swept
under the rug. Sisters must be
able to be honest about what
offends them, to admit where
they've gone wrong and make
efforts to right those wrongs,
and for any wronged party to
acknowledge these efforts and
make the effort to forgive.
9. Share the work as well as
the play.
Instead of thinking we are
too busy to gather with our sis-
ters, we can invite them over
to help out with mundane tasks.
We will have a lot more fun and
probably get a lot more accom-
plished if we do our chores to-
gether! If mothers have children,
that makes focusing on things
like sewing or home repairs dif-
ficult, they can come together to
take turns getting things done
and giving the kids attention!
10. Resist the urge to com-
pete, or to compare.
Bodies, jobs, children, boy-
friends, partners -- we women
have a habit of endlessly sizing
each other up and figuring we
are the lesser or greater in any
given situation. Our work is to
help our sisters love their bod-
ies and their worthy selves, to
discern what is valuable in their
lives and learn to treat those
people and things well.
11. Help each other to help
the men.
Self-knowledge and sister-
hood is a blessing to more than
just the women. It is important
to aid each other's ability to re-
late to and assist the husbands,
fathers and sons in their lives.
12. Bring the Tribe together.
We need to own our power
to make new connections hap-
pen -- by doing outreach for
each other's skills and projects,
sharing creative projects, de-
veloping internet communities,
organizing events, and creating
special women's time and wom-
en's space.
As we bring this article to a
close, we can feel our Woman
Spirit Tribe, purposeful hearts
interweaving across lands and
seas. In our best as well as most
difficult times we hear our sis-
ter's voices, not unlike spirits of
the ancestors that inhabit this
sacred canyon.
Together, they whisper in our
ears, reminding us to bend down
low to the ground, to notice the
glowing stone and the magnifi-
cence of the flower or spider, to
slow down and thank the first
flame as the two of us light our
wood-stove fire.
We are somehow joined in
this magic purpose of reconnec-
tion, this dance of deep feeling,
whole being and creative doing.
Together we can feed the fires
of our connection, join together
to do the hard work, gather in
flesh or in spirit in celebration of
our common tribal song.
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