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If I told you a corporate merg-
er and acquisitions specialist
who spent her time putting to-
gether billion-dollar deals in the
communications industry would
turn her attention to healing
Mother Earth, would you believe
it? What if she loved her work
and had no intention of leaving
it? Even less likely? Yet, this is the
story of Ronna Prince.
After 16 years in banking,
Ronna lost three very high-pay-
ing jobs in the short space of
four years. "I
what? Maybe this means some-
thing. I was 40 and had been
on a spiritual path since my
twenties." The things that made
Ronna so good at her corporate
job and helped her stand out
in a man's world also got her
wondering about spirituality.
"At some point, I realized I
could hear things that other peo-
ple couldn't. I learned not to talk
about these things in my busi-
ness life, but at the same time, it
made me very good at my job. I
could understand what custom-
ers' business issues were and it
allowed me to get the terms and
pricing right to win the deal."
These "things" that Ronna
heard can best be described
as universal guidance. As she
was using these skills to succeed
in business, she was also ask-
ing for this wisdom to come
through for family members and
friends. These sessions were very
transformative for people. They
urged Ronna to use her gift to
help others.
"I completely resisted," she
says. "I thought it was weird. I'm
a banker. I work with numbers
and facts. Not this stuff."
Metaphysics became a pas-
sion for her. "I love a big chal-
lenge. Something I can sink my
teeth into and learn. It doesn't
matter what it is... I love to
She studied every path she
could get her hands on: Tarot,
Numerology, the I Ching, En-
neagram etc. She wanted to
understand why she could hear
and experience things differently
than others.
About this time, she left what
would be her final corporate
job. Within the month, Ronna
began working at a local meta-
physical store and her spiritual
career emerged.
"When I decided
to use my gifts to
help others, doors
flew open. It's the
only work I've done
since 2003." Ronna
is a very talented Py-
thagorean numer-
ologist. She explains
that her work with
numerology is a con-
tinuation of her work
in banking. She is us-
ing numbers to help
people to understand
their true essence more deeply.
"In one of my jobs, I was a
credit underwriter. This is what
I'm still doing. I look at what's
going on under the surface of
people's lives and help them
write a new record. In the cor-
porate world I was always build-
ing and managing long-term
relationships and I loved that. I
still do. Now I am doing it more
one on one."
Ronna is very grateful for the
work she does today. "It's unique.
Everyone's healing path is dif-
ferent and I get to help others
heal big life issues. It's very re-
A pattern emerged in her
spiritual counseling work. Peo-
ple healed their issues and im-
proved their lives. They wanted
to extend their healing to the
community and the world. Ron-
na was frequently asked, "What
can I do to help?"
In 2005, Ronna received
guidance about global healing.
She understood that we (our
bodies) are a microcosm of the
macrocosm of Earth. "As we
do work on healing ourselves,
we can also heal the
The way our bod-
ies have chakras, or
energy centers, the
Earth has land mas-
ses that correspond
to each chakra. "My
clients loved this idea
of global healing and
really embraced it.
They are passionate
about doing this and
making a difference."
This concept of
global healing mor-
phed into Global Wholeness.
Ronna went on a sacred journ-
ey to the Yucatan. "I needed to
find joy in myself. Working with
people in very intense energy,
such as dealing with suicide or
losing children to cancer, was
bringing me off balance. I knew
I had to heal myself to continue
my work and I knew it was im-
portant for me to swim with the
In the Yucatan, Ronna re-
ceived guidance to have people
go into their consciousness and
call back parts of themselves
from past lives. She realized she
could journey and call back all
memories of ancient times spent
in ancient places. The suffering
that happened in these lifetimes
could be transmuted into joy,
peace and gratitude. The people
around her were transformed.
"I realized we could do this.
Teach it and show it to every-
one. We could bring our whole
consciousness into healing and
empower the planet."
From this, the idea for films
on Global Wholeness was born.
Ronna is traveling to all of the
earth's chakras, doing heal-
ing work and filming it. When
people watch these films, they
are in the energy of that sacred
place and are also participating
in healing the earth.
This work is about whole-
ness. " We are already healed
and whole. We are moving from
healing into wholeness. The veil
is very thin right now and we
can know all of who we are."
Ronna believes the Universe
is fundamentally a feeling state.
"The Meta Laws of Confluence
state that feeling builds connec-
tion, heart creates wholeness
and love manifests abundance.
Not thought. Our problems came
along when we entered the men-
tal construct of reality."
The goal of the Global Whole-
ness project is to create con-
nection, compassion and em-
powerment for ourselves. In-
dividually we can make a dif-
ference. "Once you know how
powerful you are with your
every action, you can shift into
a place of connection." And that
makes all the difference. You
may even find yourself leaving
your corporate job behind to do
the incredible work of Spirit.
To view the trailer for Ronna's first
film on Global Wholeness, visit www. To
learn more about the global whole-
ness project, visit www.globalwhole
Corinne L. Casazza is a freelance
writer and novelist based in Sedona,
AZ. Her upcoming novel, "Walk Like
an Egyptian," will be available shortly.
Email her at
Global Wholeness: One Woman's Journey
By Corinne L. Casazza
Ronna Prince

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