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Anna Wintour, the editor of
Vogue magazine was just award-
ed The Woman of Substance
Award for her leadership and
contribution to the fashion in-
dustry. The title of this prestigi-
ous award comes from Barbara
Taylor-Bradford's novel and sub-
sequent TV mini-series: A Wom-
an of Substance. This award is
given annually to that woman
of great character who is a lead-
er in her respective industry or
sphere of influence.
Before I had finished reading
the first few sentences, Rev.
Patricia Talis immediately came
to mind. Patricia is the minister
and director of New Age Bible
and Philosophy Center in Santa
Monica, CA. and is just such a
woman in her respective sphere
of influence -- A Woman of Sub-
stance -- and a powerful woman
leader in the field of New Age
religion and thought.
Patricia is an exponent and
messenger of the New Age phi-
losophy, which she knows how
to support with her presence,
guidance, and business savvy.
Her great quest for knowledge
and understanding of the mys-
teries of the Universe has taken
her on an interesting, unique
journey apart from -- yet in tan-
dem with her Presbyterian roots.
A great beauty at 90, she pos-
sesses a decisive mind, sharp
intellect, strong voice, vibrant
green eyes that snap with vital-
ity and life, and firm awareness
and sense of purpose.
Patricia is a true original, to-
tally engaged in the moment
with a willingness to com-
municate at very deep levels
of thought. She has
a rock solid, unwav-
ering belief in God
and the Bible, and
the power of posi-
tive thinking -- "you
become what you
think" -- a simple,
albeit compelling
mantra that she lives
She has become
an astute Bible schol-
ar and expert on the
works of Corinne He-
line, a pioneer New Age Philos-
opher who wrote 28 books and
numerous essays based on the
metaphysical interpretation of
the Bible, including The Mystery
of The Christos which examines
the meanings and symbolism of
the Christian Church.
Patricia first came to The Cen-
ter as a student and volunteer. It
was at a friend's suggestion that
she consider becoming a minis-
ter. With her "let's do it" attitude,
Patricia embarked upon a three-
year course of study after which
she became ordained and has
been The Center's guiding force
since 1990.
When I asked Patricia what
she considered her greatest ac-
complishment, she stated with-
out hesitation that it was keep-
ing The Center in operation and
creating a spiritual oasis where
people can come to learn and
to meditate.
It is said those recommend-
ations which are given to others
and come from the heart have
the greatest impact,
and Rev. Patricia has
that keen internal
knowingness of just
what book, quote or
word of comfort will
fill a need for each
person who seeks her
guidance or advice.
With her strong, yet
calm demeanor, she
has that rare ability
to bring you "back to
Patricia also has
an abundance of great personal
energy -- "good genes, I sup-
pose" she says modestly, which
I would rather attribute to her
indomitable self-determinism.
She keeps a four-day schedule
at The Center besides keeping a
full calendar on her "days off"
filled with personal and social
activities. Did I mention she is
Coming across the Woman
of Substance Award article was
no accident. Born and raised in
Tulsa, Oklahoma, after the death
of her father, Patricia, her mother
and older sister traveled across
country by car to New York City
where the two sisters became
fashion models. To this day,
Patricia has a great sense of style
and is always impeccably out-
fitted in her Chanel­style suits
wherever she goes.
Also no accident is the fact
that Patricia has unlocked the
gifts, the beauty, the intelligence
and capacity within her to be-
come that Woman of Substance.
Possessing eternal patience, she
grants total beingness to all who
come across the threshold of
The Center. Each person she is
speaking with or ministering to
is given her full attention and
focus, making them feel that
they are the most important per-
son in the room.
Another key ingredient of
that which is Patricia Talis, is
her strong belief in and the liv-
ing of the power of forgiveness.
The Center, whose roots are cen-
tered in the Rosicrucian Philoso-
phy which has a process called
Retrospection -- a remembrance
of your day, in reverse order.
If in reviewing your day, you
have hurt anyone in anyway,
ask for forgiveness and make
amends. If this cannot be done
in person, it is done silently,
and then you let it go, knowing
you've done the best you could
have done and thus it will not
be there to confront you after
In those who lead, there is a
purpose and intensity which is
unmistakable. Certainly good
fortune has smiled upon those of
us who are privileged to know
Patricia and have her as our
guiding force and light on our
journey to seeking the ultimate
truths and wisdom of livingness
and spirituality.
Ultimately, whatever chal-
lenges that may have come her
way, she has met with grace and
aplomb, both of which most of
us would be hard-pressed to
match. Grace -- a virtue coming
from God. Aplomb -- complete
and confident composure.
I asked Patricia what advice
she would give to anyone, espe-
cially women as they encoun-
ter life's challenges. "It's OK to
make mistakes. Do what you
can to make it right. Don't dwell
on the mistakes, put them away
and then go on."
How does one sum up, or
should one -- A Woman of Sub-
stance -- those women who
by virtue of substantial or solid
character or quality have made
an impact on all of whom they
encounter, who have held things
together despite any and all ob-
stacles, risen above the fray and
have charged ahead full bore --
ever confident -- ever creating
anew -- ever seeking a further
truth or understanding of this
business called living.
Bravo Patricia!!
The New Age Bible and Philoso-
phy Center is located at 1139 Lincoln
Blvd. in Santa Monica, CA, one-half
block north of Wilshire Blvd., and is
open Wednesday through Friday 11
a.m. to 3 p.m. The Center holds serv-
ices every Sunday at 11 a.m. Call
(310) 395-4346 for a listing of classes,
speakers and workshops or visit www.
Rev. Patricia Talis... A Woman of Substance
By Holly Addy
Rev. Patricia Talis