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most sexist of institutions.
For example, in the medical
establishment in many coun-
tries, 70% of the medical stu-
dents are women. That is true
even in Arabic countries. Wom-
en are replacing the old order
in education, career, marriage,
recreation, business invention,
investment, government and or-
ganized religion. They're chang-
ing the results.
Margaret said, "You'll see.
Soon women will be both the
priests and the president. Why?
Because women's resourceful-
ness and resolve increases as
circumstances become more
This executive woman said,
"I see this with women business
owners. They're more likely to
succeed because women are
more likely to admit that they
need allies and partner. So they
surround themselves with good
people. Women don't want to
work in pyramids of power. They
want to pull people out of the
pyramids and work in clusters."
We call this circular invested-
ness, instead of linear invested-
Randy: You're talking about
partnership and balance. How
do we balance these?
Jean: Women are rising to the
occasion. We have to do it. The
pre-eminent scientific organi-
zation in the world is the Asso-
ciation for the Advancement of
Science. At a conference, they
all came to the conclusion that
the only thing that is going to
save us is women rising, women
taking on the larger roles.
This involves women running
for office, women not imitating
men, but really exploring the
innate genius in women, which
is what I do in my workshops.
I've worked in over 100 coun-
tries and intensely with over 40
I do see this rising happen-
ing all over the world. For exam-
ple, at my seminars twenty years
ago, the women sat back while
men did all the questioning. But
that is not true any more. I am
stunned at how women are tak-
ing the initiative. This is a new
Randy: There is still a very
large financial discrepancy.
Jean: Yes, but women still
own most of the businesses.
They may be small businesses,
but they own the businesses.
Randy: Many women whom
I know want to save the world,
but don't have the experience
or know exactly what to do.
What advice would you give to
a young woman who wants to
step out in a bigger way?
Jean: We have to create net-
works and teams, and coop-
erative societies for them. They
need to go into women's cir-
cles. For example, Marilyn Ny-
borg is doing the "Gather the
Women" conferences, and Jean
Shinoda Bolen, the author and
psychiatrist, helped create these
million-women circles. Women
must find their allies, their cir-
cles in which they can share and
explore and begin to help each
other in critical and deep ways.
Randy: What are some things
of which you feel most proud?
Jean: In terms of women, I was
helping Hillary Clinton write a
book called, It Takes a Village to
Raise a Child. She was about to
go to India. I'd spent a lot of time
in India, so I was vetting her on
their customs, philosophies and
ways of knowing and being.
I had a hunch and said, "Hil-
lary, take Chelsea with you.
Show her with you in public all
the time. Let them see the won-
derful relationship you have
with each other." Hillary and
Chelsea have a very powerful
mother-daughter relationship,
as Chelsea also has with her
Hillary did it. Every scene in
the media showed Hillary with
Chelsea. That was around 1996.
As a result of that, 50,000 girl
babies were born who normally
would have been aborted. That
is one of the things I'm proud-
est about.
As a professional woman,
I am glad to be of use. I once
asked Margaret Mead, "What
would you like on your tomb-
stone?" And she said, "She lived
long enough to be of some use."
That's my motto, too. I hope in
my remaining years to contrib-
ute in whatever ways, large or
very small, to be of use.
For information on "The Re-
quired Human for an Emerging
World" conference, go to www.
Randy Peyser is the author of "The
Power of Miracle Thinking." www. She also edits
books and helps people find publish-
ers or self-publish. www.AuthorOne
that have never touched before.
We are living in a very great di-
versity of culture. So many cul-
tures are coming together in
ways they never have before. It's
the weaving of this new cultural
fusion to create people who are
part of this World Mind taking a
walk with itself with its empow-
ering capacities.
In many ways, the internet
is an objective form of what is
happening internally in the in-
tranet, calling up new functions,
new personalities -- it is the
World Mind. But it is not just
high tech; it is high touch. It is
activating a spiritual level that
is very powerful.
Randy: What do you mean by
Mother Mind or Father Mind?
Jean: The feminine mind is
concerned with the networking
of the individuals within a larg-
er social organism and with our
beautiful planet itself. The ap-
proach is systemic, rather than
systematic. Women tend to see
things in constellations, rather
than in discreet and disconnect-
ed facts.
The Father Mind, traditionally
has to do with the individual be-
ing almost more important than
the social organism. Men look
for systems, being systematic,
and also the linearity of facts.
That's a broad statement. There
are many variations.
I will tell you a story to illus-
trate this: Shortly before she
died, Margaret Mead said to
me, "Jean, let's do anthropology
in the corporations. One of the
stupid things happening is that
women are modeling them-
selves along male lines in order
to get ahead. They are becom-
ing second-rate men and they
are going to stay in second-rate
jobs this way."
I said, "What will we do?"
And she said, "I know a wo-
man who is the head of a very
large corporation. Let's look at
this woman executive." She does
things differently. We followed
this very highly-paid executive
around and observed her style of
work. Margaret would say, "Look
how she breathes her work. She
is attending to how the process
of things is done, as well as get-
ting the task done."
This woman, who was over-
seeing her company's quarter-
ly reports, was very sensitive
to the environment of feelings
among her employees. She no-
ticed who felt left out or who
was not voicing an idea. Later
over lunch, the executive spoke
about how the women all over
the world are challenging the
We are finding
ourselves in the
midst of the most
massive shift of
perspective that
humankind has
ever known.
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