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human energies combined tend
to send a signal that feels like a
statement, inviting awakening.
Therefore, we can see that
every step we take is a message
we send to the other world. Our
demeanor is a language. And
more than not, it's a language
directed to the other world, and
the other world responds. More
often than not, the way it gets
our attention is quite radical.
This is why crisis cannot be
labeled in this definitive fashion
as something evil or something
unfortunate or anything. Maybe
fortune is lodged inside, and in
that case, every time we feel our-
selves stuck somewhere we may
wonder what kind of blessing is
hiding behind this darkness.
It is not something we should
call for or invite. It's just that at
this juncture, we're still growing
as a species. I don't know; maybe
we're not qualified yet for even
the high school of conscious-
ness. The way we learn is rath-
er sensory. So when one of the
sensors gets hit, all of a sudden
we pay attention, you know? It
should not be dismissed because
if it can help us move forward
above and beyond the tendency
for pettiness, then there's some-
thing good about that.
Donna: I get it. One of the
things I have had a lot of per-
sonal experience with is the call
and response between the hu-
man realm and the spirit realm.
malidoma: Wow. This is per-
fect, the way you say it -- the
call and response. As long as this
is going on, it means that some-
how we can move, and though
we can take ourselves away from
spirit, we can't take spirit away
from us.
Donna: Laughter.)
malidoma: You know? The
dance is only happening be-
tween this world and the other
world of spirit. So we can run,
but we cannot shake the other
world off of us. Even the most
hardheaded person is constantly
sending messages forward that
are echoed by the other world
in a way that looks rather tough.
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Now only
But in the end, it's a great mel-
Donna: You are quite a di-
viner; you have quite an ability
to see beyond circumstances, I
want you to know that.
malidoma: Oh, thank you.
Donna: In closing I'd like to
ask about one of my favorite
lines of many you have written:
"It's not a private planet, but a
community initiative."
malidoma: Oh, yes. Yes. We
are part of the whole tribal vil-
lage. The global village is indeed
the place where every so-called
individual personal crisis is the
business of everybody. The day
when nothing is personal will be
the day when we will see each
one of us as carriers of some-
thing that is deemed beneficial
to the rest of the community.
Donna: May I ask one little
question on that? What are you
seeing emerge in people you're
working with, related to `being
the carriers of the beneficial'?
malidoma: They call it their
life's purpose. They call it their
gifts. People all of a sudden be-
come lit with a sense of belong-
ing, a sense of worth in which
the fire that was rather dim in
their system starts to go ablaze.
It is something very beautiful
and stylistically colorful to look
at, and where it takes them is
down the rabbit hole of creativ-
ity and imagination.
To see someone all of a sud-
den burst into life, realizing that
they are worth something and to
begin dispensing their gift is, in
itself, a blessing really.
Donna Strong is a writer and spiri-
tual midwife, helping others to birth
more authentic aspects of themselves.
For more, visit www.donnastrong.
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If one is lucky, a solitary
fantasy can totally transform
one million realities.
-- Maya Angelou