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So in this session, we explore
at least the basics that consist of
figuring out how to put elements
from nature together to create a
device capable of enhancing a
person's energy as well as form-
ing a protective shield around
the person. So that becomes the
most exciting part, because in
the end people make talismans
for each other, and they even
make talismans for their loved
The last session is usually cel-
ebratory. We gather together to
review all the things we've been
through and just congratulate
ourselves for having made it
Donna: because it is its own
initiation, is it not?
malidoma: Yeah. It is. It is an
initiation. It allows for a kind of
transition from one state, which
is the mundane, into another
one, which is the otherworldly
sense of reality; which, when
incorporated into this mundane
sense of reality, can add another
dimension, allowing people to
be more alert, more aware, and
more perceptive.
Donna: Do you find that
people feel like they're living in
a more meaningful way if they
have that aspect added into
their lives? What have you no-
malidoma: Absolutely. The
most immediate responses I've
gotten from people have al-
ways been how their lives have
changed as a result of partaking
in an event. For instance, some
people have found their profes-
sion, and this profoundly im-
proved and deepened their life
experience as a result of the
indigenous components being
brought to bear.
Also, realizing this tool has
helped people to understand
certain realities in life that they
didn't have an immediate way of
deciphering or understanding,
particularly challenges such as
how to make sense out of a vi-
sion or a dream, an intriguing
dream that has visited a person.
This has helped people to un-
derstand ritualistically an issue
that is presented to them, like a
person in relational crisis, or a
person who is also looking for
an occupation in life as a way of
sustaining themselves. The list is
Donna: May I mention -- I
read a piece in which you were
talking about how in your cul-
ture, that instead of just thinking
of a dream as an interesting kind
of phenomenon that's separate,
you should interact with spirit
about it. I thought that was re-
markable because so many peo-
ple in the West are into writing
down their dreams and analyz-
ing them, but you were suggest-
ing much more, because again,
it's about relationship.
malidoma: Well, it is rela-
tionship, as with everything else.
Information that comes to us
through the dream channel is
part of the natural interaction
that every living being has with
the other world. Those who don't
dream are people who don't have
a relationship. But I don't know
anybody who doesn't dream.
The point about it is, well, in
the West, yes; people have an in-
sufficient initiative in reaction to
dreaming. By recording a dream,
we don't satisfy the intention of
the dream or the purpose of it.
It is important when we under-
stand that a dream is a message
from the other world that was
lodged into our consciousness
while we were resting.
It is an indigenous belief that
we are more cooperative when
we're sleeping because we let
our defenses go. And that's when
spirit takes that moment to come
to us and talk to us convincingly
through dreams.
So instead of waking up and
recording it, which is not a bad
idea, it is important to voice to
spirits how you have received the
dream. There might be a differ-
ence between the transmission
of the dream and the receiver's
awareness of the content at the
other end of the line.
If there is something program-
matic about the dream, it means
that somehow our intention is
being directed toward some-
thing that is urgent, and if we
happen to not have a clear idea
as to what we're supposed to do,
then this is a good time to ask
the sender to give us more de-
tail. Some dreams may appear
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