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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
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Oh, my native soul
Inherent constitution,
Natural like every breath
And written in blood
With a heart code
Of primitive law.
You see, we are joined to the same club,
With rights from heaven above,
Making us all one color - LIGHT.
And truth that needs no document,
And integrity that lets us sleep,
And justice with a price higher than this world.
Have we fallen so far from the tree,
We forgot our roots,
And that we travel ­ one way-
By love,
Of land, of each other
And it is good to care.
1. My job is to become the lighthouse and inspire others
to do the same
2. Like Dorothy in Oz, the answer is in my own shoes
3. Life is the real guru, the mirror to show me ­ me
4. I manifest my issues and what I need to learn
5. My karma is in my drama
6. My soul wound is in patterns, and characters that repeat
7. It is not about what others do to me, but what I do
to myself because of it
8. I end the worst crime ­ self doubt
(a dirty trick to keep us weak)
9. Everything is energy and I clear, protect and align everyday
10. I know I am the light. I am the light....
With hand on my heart, and in a moment of quietude...
Oh, my native soul!
Audrey hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN,
an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives.
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tail, Tootsie said, "Please, oh,
please, I want to go see Gunner
now." That's how we knew our
second best buddy was ready to
go to the Rainbow Bridge.
Joe and Jean kept Gunner
and Tootsie's cremains with the
intent to bury them when they
planted a couple of new bushes
in front of their house to honor
the two dogs. Weeks and months
went by. The topic of burying
the cremains came and went
until the couple finally decided
what to do. They would refur-
bish their rock garden by mov-
ing some bushes they wanted
to keep, pulling out some they
didn't want any longer, and add-
ing new plants.
They ordered two special six-
inch rectangular stones and had
the kids' names and paw prints
etched on them -- one for Gun-
ner and one for Tootsie.
On Monday, October 11,
2010, Joe and Jean were talk-
ing with their gardeners, as they
worked, and sharing stories of
the kids with them. The couple
told the gardeners that they had
decided to put cremains of both
dogs in the same spot, since
Gunner and Tootsie had been
inseparable during all those
wonderful years as a family.
Neighbors came over to see
what they were doing. All of a
sudden a bird with white wings
swooped down over Jean's head
and then perched on the small
roof above our garage door. It
was a white dove.
At first, they were all stunned
and then completely mesmer-
ized by this beautiful bird. The
dove stayed nearly five minutes
-- long enough for Jean to walk
into the house, fetch the camera,
and snap a picture. This beauti-
ful bird was very calm, staring
down at them. Then the dove
flew off as quietly and quickly
as it appeared.
That evening Joe and Jean
couldn't stop talking about the
white dove appearing just as
they had been preparing to bury
Gunner and Tootsie's cremains.
The cremains had been stored in
boxes from their veterinarian, Dr.
Barb Rush. The next day, Joe re-
turned the boxes to Dr. Barb and
told her about the white dove.
She said, "It was the kids."
White doves are not a native
or common bird in Iowa. Nor are
they typically kept in cages as
pets. Joe and Jean believe that
this dove was definitely sent by
the kids who wanted them to
know the two dogs were doing
just fine.
What the Jeffries experienced
is called a waking dream. Like a
dream that occurs during sleep,
the waking dream can be inter-
preted. It is an outer confirma-
tion, or a message, that Divine
Spirit sends to help a person
make a decision, let someone
know he or she made the right
decision, or deliver an unmis-
takable message of comfort or
It has been our experience
that animals are often the angel-
ic messengers for waking dream
spiritual experiences. Perhaps, as
many of the indigenous people
seem to understand, it is in the
nature of animals to be deeply
connected with Spirit, and when
one of us dense humans needs to
know something, they are open
to bringing us the blessing of
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