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Tips on Keeping Mind & Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn
Jesse Anson Dawn (accurately
photographed at age 67), author
of the national award-winning
book never "Old," plus The
Rejuvenator's bible, speaks out
about a most stirring subject:
how to personally control the
unwanted effects of "aging."
Presently answering the ques-
"dear Jesse, we're concerned
about the uncontrolled prices
and side-effects of pharmaceuti-
cals. Can your Awareness column
provide some helpful informa-
tion about that?"
Dear Readers,
To effectively address this
question, let us now take a fresh-
ly aware look at some of the up-
sides and down-sides of what has
come to be called:
"Big Pharma" is the satirical
name given to this planet's most
profitable industry -- pharma-
ceuticals -- a cartel that has dis-
covered (or invented?) so many
diseases, that they now sell more
than 15,000 different kinds of
pills -- all of which adds-up to
profits of over $500 billion a
As a newly-drugged maze
has surely overtaken the "good
old days" -- back when medi-
cine cabinets contained maybe
some aspirin and Alka-Seltzer.
But nowadays a deluge of "spark-
up-the-younger-you" pills get
persistently pushed -- precari-
ous potions such as "anti-depres-
sants" -- plus "diet-drugs" such as
Meridia (recently linked to heart
attacks and strokes). And then
comes the too often lethal (due
to kidney failure) side-effects of
"hypertension" pills, costly drugs
such as Cardizem, Procardia and
Hyperium, medications listed as
annually grossing over a billion
dollars each -- worldwide.
But most popular of all is the
(rarely lethal) "perk-you-up" po-
tion -- Prozac -- a pill reaping
larger profits than industry giants
such as the Ford corporation -- (a
stunning fact about "priorities").
Woo-ha! -- Prozac -- the potent
pop-scription so widespread that
I heard a comedian joke about
a "pharmacy action film" com-
ing out -- a "drugstore cowboy
thriller" called "Get me my Pro-
Further yet, another wildly
sarcastic idea for a film about
Prozac, was that of the zany co-
median who calls himself "The
Nutty Movie Maker" -- The
"Nut" whose wacky vision for
"drug-joke" movie was this: He,
along with a camera crew, would
take a box filled with 300 Prozac-
fed hamsters to the Netherlands
city of Amsterdam. And there
they would set this dizzied mob
of cuddly critters free to roam
streets, all while they filmed a
movie about them called "ham-
Ah yes, laughter IS good medi-
cine, but it's surely no joke that
health and happiness is increas-
ingly becoming a pill-induced,
"quick-fix"-feeling -- a chemi-
cal-laced mode of mind-control
largely promoted by pharmaceu-
tical ads -- catchy commercials
that rule the airways worldwide.
And the more massively wide-
spread these ads get, the more
people that "Big Pharma" has as
guinea-pig-like "test subjects" for
their latest billion-dollar pills.
And as to why guinea-pigs
have become the favorite ani-
mal for laboratory testing of new
drugs, it's because they habitual-
ly sit in one spot, barely moving,
and will eat almost anything (in-
cluding bitter-tasting pills). How-
ever, due to television's power to
keep people mesmerized, un-
moving and [unthinking] for long
periods of time, all while being
deluged with junk-food, pill and
chemical-cola commercials, hu-
man beings have now become
ideal "test-subjects" for various
pharmaceutical concoctions.
Although to avoid getting
chemo-hooked by all those ads,
along with my research and writ-
ings, I compose (and record)
verses for little Wake-Me-Up
songs, such as this one I call--
beyond Chemomania
I pay no heed to cola jingles,
and TV-pushed "medications,
all those "Big Pharma" reruns
aiming for a drug-laced nation,
But to keep my mind and body
from getting too impaired,
I switch to another channel
whenever commercials get
As more and more I realize
that TV is only "killing" time,
so I try to do more reading,
Oh yes, I refuse to let televi-
sion eliminate book and article
reading from my life, especially
helpfully-healing non-fiction, be-
cause mind-power is too crucial
to let it vanish via an overload of
And despite all the ads that
push everything from useless
"wrinkle-removing cream" to
phony pills for fighting "free rad-
icals" -- I remain a pharmaceu-
ticals-free-"radical" to the core.
But of course some medications
can be truly helpful, and yet in-
stead of teaching us self-healing
methods, drugs tend to steer us
away from mind-power abilities.
Although evolving human
perception beyond the hazards
of "quick-fix" (lack of thinking)
is not so easy to do, especially
when nearly every "family doc-
tor" is continually barraged with
brochures from chemical compa-
nies -- slick ads that ceaselessly
push the "Unbeatable Effects!" of
their latest "Phenomenal!" pill.
But thankfully there are phy-
sicians wisely uncontrolled by
the overly-powerful pharmaceu-
tical empire, Pulitzer Prize win-
ners such as Dr. Robert N. Butler,
a brilliantly informative author
who has often published this
important fact:
Adverse reactions to phar-
maceuticals have become the
fourth leading cause of death in
the u.s. -- killing over 106,000
Americans a year...
Nevertheless, despite this
[long covered-up] and hard-to-
swallow statistic, drug makers
continue to avoid any form of
regulation, mainly because they
easily spend billions to keep poli-
ticians in their pocket.
As on and on it goes like that,
bigger and bigger pay-offs, pav-
ing the way for more and more
However, my path isn't to
cover-up, but to unCOVER the
truth, realizing that the KEy to
hEAlThFul lOnGEVITy is not
a pill -- but the healing wisdom
gathered from a joyfully EVER-
lEARnInG way of life...
True Youthman Jesse will answer
any questions (about real rejuvenation
and protection-energy) by emailing
him at
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