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prophecies. The universe is filled
with encounters, intuitions and
coincidences, all pointing to a
higher purpose in our lives. The
next question lies in how the
seeker plans to engage those se-
crets. We have the opportunity
to embrace the miracles that sur-
round us, now more than ever.
The book is a bit difficult to
describe, as it is based on an
"adventure parable" about a
spiritual journey to Peru. Within
the context of the "story" many
theories are discussed, such as
recognizing ideology, connect-
ing with God, the art of tuning in
and believing in our intuitions.
Humanity can raise its energy
level and systematically raise its
level of perception.
Taking action, versus inac-
tion, and learning how to trust
our personal instincts, the cos-
mos will be the key to our suc-
cessful collective journey.
Published by Grand Central Pub-
lishing, this book is available at your
local bookstore or on the website at
Visions of 2012 & the Shift
By Jack Allis (book)
This is an age when the old
world is coming to an inevitable
end, so that a new one may be
born. This is a time of opportu-
nity, especially if we embrace
the teachings of our indigenous
relatives. They learned long ago
how to live in harmony with
the earth. They never lost their
connection to its ancient spirit.
And, they provide the answers
and lessons, if we choose to hear
their message.
The author starts off by saying
he may be a basic 60-something
white man, but from his earli-
est childhood, he felt he was a
Native American, or perhaps a
Mayan. His formal education
consists of a Marriage and Fami-
ly Therapy License and a Masters
Degree in Clinical Psychology.
He also teaches how to over-
come obstacles we face in life
and how to transfer ourselves
with our higher consciousness
and spirituality.
Our connection with spirit
will lead us to the one true
Mother Earth. Here, our fear
with respect to this monumen-
tal change is addressed. With a
pending shift, there is always a
tentative reaction by the major-
ity; however, it we take action,
we can leave the old paradigm
without fear and replace it with
a wave of cleansing and purifica-
tion that will renew everything
in its path.
Published by Mayfair books, this
book is available at your local book-
store or on the website at www.may
(DVD, 75 minutes)
The Power of Ceremony
By Jack Allis
This DVD is an accompani-
ment to the Prophesy, Challenge
& Blessing book by the same
author, and enlightens us on
how we can participate in the
transmutation through the use
of ceremony. By connecting to
spirit through prayer, music and
chanting, with rattles and sing-
ing bowls and smoking the cer-
emonial pipe.
Available through World Wide
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