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J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 1
A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E /
/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 1
by Sonia von Matt Stoddard
Ancestral Wisdom from a
Hawaiian Shaman
By Hank Wesselman, PhD
The Hawaiian word kahuna
implies mastery, and more spe-
cifically, self-mastery. Here we
are introduced to Hawaiian
shamanism for its ability to re-
veal our inner divinity to us. The
"Bowl of Light" refers to the
vessel for our divine essence.
We must care for it in order to
sustain our natural radiance.
Author Wesselman is a pa-
leoanthropologist and shamanic
teacher who has worked in Ethi-
opia investigating the mystery
of human origins. In addition
to his scientific publications, he
has written seven books on sha-
manism. In this book, he shares
traditional teachings passed to
him by the great Kahuna elder,
Hale Makua, a revered shaman
and wisdom keeper.
This book includes core
teachings and spiritual insights,
including the directives of the
spiritual warrior. Communicat-
ing with nature, purifying our
consciousness and receiving
wisdom from the spiritual world
are all discussed here. We are
also introduced to the Ancestral
Grand Plan, to deal with chal-
lenges presented today that in-
cludes guidelines for ascension
to a more luminous individual
and collective destiny.
Finally, the style of the book
is mostly conversational and
written in a way where you can
understand and visualize the
teachings easily, in order to ap-
ply them to your own life.
Published by Sounds True, Inc.,
this book is available at your local
bookstore or on the website at www.
Heal Yourself and Others with
-Century Energy Medicine
By Deborah King
Did you know that you were
a natural born healer? By using
ancient techniques, you can
learn to heal yourself as well as
others. Everyone has a special
talent of connection with an-
other human being. As we be-
come more analytical, we tend
to lose that connection. Ancient
gifts, the gifts of the Shaman,
someone who expands their
consciousness and conducts
healing energy to help others
on the spiritual planes, can be
retrieved. All it takes is a little
practice to bring it back.
Starting with the basics of
defining energy medicine and
healing through the ages, the au-
thor takes us on a step-by-step
journey on how to expand our
consciousness. With discussions
about dreams, channeling past
lives, and locating spirit guides,
we can perform detailed exer-
cises to gain insight in all these
areas. The book ends with a
chapter on healing techniques,
including color and psychic sur-
After being diagnosed with
cancer, author Deborah King,
unwilling to undergo invasive
surgery, turned to alternative
medicine and experienced re-
mission at the hands of a healer.
She is a firsthand product of al-
ternative medicine and now of-
fers a year-long on-line training
course called the 21
Energy Medicine Program for
those who are interested in help-
ing themselves and others.
Published by hay house, this book
is available at your local bookstore or
on the website at www.hayhouse.
Your Guide to Spiritual
Awakening Beyond 2012
By Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa
This is the third book I've re-
viewed by authors Kaa and Raa,
both ordained ministers and
master healers, who explain
the nuances and prophesies
surrounding the date of 2012.
While many believe the portend
of the ramifications of the year
2012 to be ominous, they tell us
that this significant date on the
Mayan calendar predicts an age
of enlightenment. The energy
of "gloom and doom" specula-
tion is largely considered viable;
however, we have the power in
us to create the outcome of posi-
tive versus negative.
This book continues to ex-
pand upon the themes of their
previous teachings and insights
after a recent pilgrimage to re-
mote highlands of Guatemala,
to become trusted insiders with
highland Mayan elders. The au-
thors introduce the theory of Pas-
sionate Action, which explains
that everything in our planet is
sending out energy for a new
dawn: a new sunrise of human-
ity. In order to succeed, we
must trust our divine nature and
achieve clarity, by staying fo-
cused on the divine. When you
anchor your clarity, a conver-
gence of wisdom and prophesy
will reveal itself to you.
Detailed exercises for practice
on achieving this positive focus,
as well as practical advice on
dealing with daily issues are in-
cluded. As you journey through
this book, you will find yourself
experiencing the gift of true ad-
venture, archangelic revelation,
scientific invention and thought
provoking self-discovery.
Published by Ulysses Press, this
book is available at your local book-
store or on the website at www.ulys
The Hour of Decision
By James Redfield
Building on the next install-
ment of his three prior books
in the same vein, author James
Redfield adds to his tale of ad-
venture and suspense, adding to
the insights of his previous "Ce-
lestine Prophecy" series.
Synchronicity, and how to
sustain it, is the key to the novel.
The idea of a religious coalition
and religious tolerance has al-
ways been thought to be impos-
sible, but in reality, the time for
an integration may be arriving,
especially as a result of the 2012
(Continued on page 41)