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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 1
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The term following uht-oom is
the main puzzle, and largely ef-
faced. The `descent' reference
is highly tentative, too. Frankly,
the Tortuguero passage, buried
in lots of other data, hasn't been
a huge deal to most of us be-
cause it is damaged and very,
very ambiguous.... Even if the
glyphs there were clear and leg-
ible, no Mayanist I know hon-
estly believes that the Classic
Maya foresaw something that
might actually come true in our
day and age."
Vergara also points out there
are dates that go way beyond
2012. In the Temple of the In-
scriptions in Palenque, Chiapas,
there is a date of 4,772 A.D. He
asks, if the Maya believed that
"the world would end" at the
end of their Long Count, why
would they have projected dates
so far into the future?
Vergara acknowledges that
lots of folks are simply mak-
ing things up to sell books and
fill seminars. "The Maya would
have celebrated such a cycle
ending, just like everyone today
celebrates the New Year."
Of course, lots of folks have
come up with an abundance of
details which draw significance
to the 2012 date, though very
few of those details were writ-
ten about by the Maya. These are
merely inferences, fact and fan-
cy, trying to correlate the end of
one Long Count with some cata-
strophic event.
Plus, it is worth noting that
all calendars, regardless how
sophisticated and "advanced,"
are man-made constructs for al-
lowing us to track time and the
natural cycles of our world and
Richard Jelusich points out
that the one astronomical event
tied to 2012 -- the plane of our
solar system crossing through
the center of the plane of the
Milky Way galaxy -- has been
occurring from 1980 through
2017. "2012 is a process, not
an event," he says. During my
time in the Yucatan, both Ver-
gara and Jelusich downplayed
any extraordinary significance of
the December 21, 2012 date.
2012 was described as a point
where one cycle in the abstrac-
tion of a calendar ends, and an-
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other begins. In this sense, the
value of 2012 is entirely up to
us. Whether or not we gain, or
evolve, is entirely a function of
our own physical, mental, and
spiritual work and prepared-
ness. There is nothing inherently
"good" or "bad" about the De-
cember 21, 2012 date.
We learned that the secret
to 2012 is everywhere. In fact,
there is no secret at all. 2012
is everything and nothing. It is
the ending of the 13 baktuns of
the Long Count as another Long
Count begins. It is a time, there-
fore, of increased awareness and
internet connections that allows
us to be instantly connected. It is
a time of potential, and like any
other such time, it is entirely up
to us to fit ourselves to be ready
for such opportunities.
Nyerges is the author of numerous
books on self-reliance and survival. he
also leads regular outdoor field trips.
he can be reached at www.Christo, or box 41834,
Eagle Rock, CA 90041
In our every deliberation we
must consider the impact of
our decisions on the next
seven generations
-- from the Great Law of the
Iroquois Confederacy