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"Have you ever heard of For-
bidden Purple Rice?" my
asked. "Purple rice?" I respond-
ed, as I disbelievingly thought,
"Yeah right! Rice? What in the
world is she up to now?" Know-
ing that she is always looking
for the latest and the greatest
health product, my skeptical
mind half-heartedly listened as
she explained further.
"Well," she continued, "it is a
special strain of rice that grows
in Thailand. It bypasses diges-
tion and directly feeds the body's
cells with amino acids and poly-
saccharide peptides so the cells
can make more energy. Once
your cells are healthy the whole
body responds with improved
health on every level. Above all
it is a super food that was once
reserved only for kings!"
Curiosity killed my skeptic
mind... I asked, "Why and from
whom is this rice forbidden?"
What I learned is a very intrigu-
ing history and information
about Forbidden Purple Rice.
As the story goes... Thou-
sands of years ago, during the
Tang and Sung Dynasties, pur-
ple rice was reserved only for
Chinese Emperors, their con-
sorts and warriors going into
battle, believing the medicinal
properties were exceptional
and would ensure their health
and longevity. In fact, informa-
tion about the purple rice was
not allowed outside the palace
walls, above all consuming it
without approval from royalty
could have life threatening con-
sequences, thus it was called
Forbidden Purple Rice.
Well, the ancient Emperor's
beliefs weren't far from reality.
According to research, purple
rice contains anthocyanins and
antioxidants that give the rice
its unusual deep purple color.
In fact, purple rice contains
more antioxidants than blue-
berries, so it has superior anti-
aging properties. Also high in
protein and iron, purple rice is
loaded with Vitamin E, fiber, and
anti-inflammatory properties,
purple rice is amazing in its po-
tential to extend the length and
quality of life.
unfortunately, the secret
benefits of purple rice were tak-
en to the grave centuries ago...
The good news... Recently
rediscovered Forbidden Purple
Rice has been introduced to the
public -- it is now available to
the general masses. Following
the Kaizen philosophy of con-
tinuous improvement, the top
rice DNA expert researched the
benefits of purple rice, grown
organically in Thailand's Siam
Valley. Three strains of the rice
were identified as the most ex-
ceptional and were then cross
polinated to produce a superior
Then, using nano-technology,
the rice is milled into a super-
fine, concentrated powder (100
pounds of rice makes 1 pound
of powder), so fine that when
taken on an empty stomach, it
bypasses digestion, enters into
the blood stream, and then on
to directly feed the cells. Once
the cells have this high-quality
nutrition, the mitochondria (an
organism in every cell) produces
more ATP or energy, giving the
body the energy it needs to heal
The result... This purple rice
powder is a functional food with
BioReady NutrientsTM that help
fight premature aging, reduces
stress, increases stamina, helps
prevent wrinkles by improv-
ing collagen production so the
skin stays elastic and supple,
improves circulation and over-
all cellular nutrition, and even
more significant health changes
start taking place, including
relief from some very serious ail-
Confirming the extraordinary
benefits of this purple rice pow-
der, dr. dan Clark, m.d. says,
"I've been waiting for 30 years
for this! It's literally transform-
ing the health of many people I
know and I have over 50 doctors
trying it! I really think it could
change the world. I've never
seen anything like it!"
Maria Gutierrez explains, "I
have diabetes and high blood
pressure. The medication I take
to keep them under control
makes me uncomfortable, so
my morale was really low. Now
with purple rice powder my
doctor has reduced my dosage
because my sugar levels have
gone down and my blood pres-
sure is more balanced. My mood
is way better and my discomfort
has been reduced. I'm enjoying
life again!"
Angelica Garcia tells about
her experience, "I was over-
weight and had a lot of stomach
problems like acid reflux and
IBS. My cholesterol and glucose
levels were high and I was get-
ting stressed out and anxious. I
started to take purple rice pow-
der and after some time, along
with following my doctor's rec-
ommendations, my glucose and
cholesterol levels are now with-
in the normal range, I am less
stressed and my stomach prob-
lems are better. I feel lighter and
full of strength!"
As for myself... I was very im-
pressed when I first took purple
rice powder. It's nutty, slightly
sweet flavor was pleasant and
my body started responding
within a week, providing better
sleep, regular elimination, stable
moods, more energy throughout
the day, an improved feeling of
well-being, and I even lost a lit-
tle weight! I feel so much better,
I don't want to go without it!
The bottom line... The pur-
ple rice powder offers a high
concentration of anti-oxidants,
anthocyanins, polysaccharide
peptides, alfa-glycans, and ami-
no acids, protecting the body
against environmental stressors
and aggressors like it protected
and fortified those ancient war-
riors with strength and mental
Purple Rice is `one of the'...
if not `the most' powerful strain
of rice cultivated. Its medicinal
values are amazing, even today
with all of our medical knowl-
edge, purple rice is the super
food that can enhance your life
and... maybe even save it!
Organic, raw purple rice in
a concentrated powder is avail-
able as Alfa PXP Royale... cellu-
lar nutrition for optimal health.
Forbidden Purple Rice
Ancient Secrets Revealed
by Chitra Gunderson
Ears of Purple Rice
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