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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
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aid the individual's return to a
dynamic state that is both whole
and in balance. Rather than at-
tacking illness per se, the herbal-
ist or other practitioner supports
the body's natural efforts to heal
itself, often prescribing dietary
adjustments and a wide array of
herbal allies to affect each con-
dition or symptom.
While it has always been wise
to be able to at least partially
diagnose one's self and family,
it is increasingly prudent and
crucial. Having a good grasp of
the rudiments of herbalism and
healing -- knowing how to un-
derstand energetics, read symp-
toms, narrow down possible
causes of illness, identify me-
dicinal plants and process them
for the best results -- can bol-
ster anyone's self confidence,
overall health and survivability.
It can also become the means
of taking on a larger role, that of
consciously serving the health
of the community and the earth
in the form of a village healer
or urban practitioner, teacher of
healing arts or clinical herbal-
ist, scientific researcher or field
botanist, plant conservationist or
committed restorer of essential
botanical habitat.
TWH conference classes are
designed for everything from
regular folks with an interest in
self care, to experienced prac-
titioners anxious to hear of the
latest clinical discoveries and
cutting-edge approaches. Those
wanting to learn about plants of
the high desert Southwest, will
be thankful for a chance to join
in plant identification walks near
the site, with the insightful Phyl-
lis Light and 7Song.
And all will enjoy the Friday
and Saturday evening entertain-
ment, featuring African-tinged
tribal grooves of the banjo and
fiddle-wielding women's group
Rising Appalachia, and the Gyp-
sy hip-hop fire-dancing rock of
Lunar Fire Tribal. For details and
to register, go to: www.Traditions
Through those Appalachian
hills, as along the shores of Corn-
wall and down twisty Amazon
rainforest paths, in the forests of
the Northeast and Northwest as
across the mesas and down the
canyons of the American South-
west, we walk in the footsteps of
the ancestors, working to bring
together human and plant tribes
at a time when such efforts are
more urgent than ever.
As I close this piece, I turn to
watch the herbalist and instruc-
tor Kiva Rose deftly sorting the
leaves and flowers of various
desired plants, evocative of our
species' long and satisfying jour-
ney as hunter gatherers, bringing
to mind a vision of those ways
of living close to the land that
marked the vast majority of our
existence on this planet.
As she shifts to grinding seeds
with an antique rock mano and
metate, one can see in the way
she presses rock to stone the
rhythmic, repetitive motions of
those countless Native Ameri-
can women who have for so long
tended the health and needs of
their tribes and homes.
Her small hands sort, tie and
grasp just like those of the Span-
ish speaking "Abuelas" of frontier
New Mexico, deftly wrapping
medicinal herbs and tying them
to nails along the ceiling's ex-
posed log beams. Before stop-
ping for the night, she carefully
sets aside any fertile seeds she
finds... just as has always been
done, by some of the most car-
ing, conscientious and self em-
powered of our kind.
Jesse Wolf hardin is an acclaimed
teacher of Anima nature-informed
practice and the author of 7 inspir-
ing books. he and his partners offer
empowering online herbal and nature
awareness correspondence courses,
as well as wilderness retreats and
counsel at their Anima Sanctuary, an
ancient place of power in New Mex-
ico: Anima LIfeways & herbal School For informa-
tion on his 2011 Traditions in Western
herbalismConference near Santa Fe,
go to: www.TraditionsInWesternherb
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