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Unifying Voices
(Part Two)
The Unification Molecule:
Collective Awakening
Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa
truggling to stay afloat
with your day-to-day
responsibilities as time
speeds up before us?
The intensity of this cur-
rent year in combination with
the multi-layered energies un-
folding before us are creating
a powerful stir among all hu-
manity. We are fast approach-
ing the energetic crescendo an-
ticipated for 2012.
Some recognize this stir and
are meditating more, asking
deeper questions and searching
for resolution. They are using the
energy to expand their discern-
ment. Others have no idea what
this "energy" is. They are acting
out, feeling out of sync and do-
ing their best to cope with the
troubling pictures the world is
showing. The pictures being
presented by the media are often
filled with fear-inducing images
and content that feeds the stir-
ring within. The bottom line is
that whether you recognize this
stirring or not, the experience is
still the same; we are all being
Humanity is at the point of
clarity: everything is rapidly
changing. Books can, and most
likely are, being dedicated to the
litany of what used to be and
how things have shifted. Walk
into any coffee bar or gathering
space and chances are that there
will be at least one heated con-
versation about the direction of
our planet.
Tensions are high, tempers are
flaring and the energy of "us vs.
them" has taken on new levels
of intensity. News anchors shout
at their guests and sensationalize
topical events with opinionated
coverage. Meanwhile Youtube,
Twitter and Facebook support
their own populist waves of in-
formation, inflammation and
rising energy.
Collectively humanity has
already activated an awaken-
ing, however few are aware of
what that truly means and how
to move forward through the
awa k e n i n g . Fo r
many, the awak-
ening feels like a
hangover and even
more coffee will
not numb it!
Eons ago we left
ourselves messages
and symbols that
would survive the
test of time. These
symbols were cre-
ated to come for-
ward when we needed them
most. Carried within our very
DNA is the sum total of all ex-
perience, and within that expe-
rience is the collective memory
that is once again being felt by
all beings.
Buried deeply within the
codes of the Mayan Calendar,
The Egyptian and Tibetan Books
of the Dead, and well beyond
Einstein's string theory is the
"Unification Molecule."TM This
little known "clue to humanity's
future" is an embedded secret
that has been misunderstood
by many. Yet, within each of the
great traditions, this powerful se-
cret has been kept alive through
the trusted elders.
They do not speak of this gift.
Nor do they teach it to others:
For unless one is ready to go
beyond the delight of the dream
we have co-created, the beauty
of this gift is not ready to be
embraced. And so the elders
have waited... patiently... for
humanity to re-awaken. That
moment is now.
What is the clue that seems
to have defied humanity until
this moment? It is known simply
as the Unification Molecule,TM
and is re-awakening in all of
humanity. This deeply embed-
ded energy goes beyond any
known strands of DNA, and has
many n a m e s i n
many traditions.
It is propelling us
toward what some
call the Zero Point.
Near the end
of his life, Einstein
was still working
his way through
the unified field
theory. He left the
planet not ever
fully proving his
theories about the oneness of
all energy. Yet, he was clear that
it existed. What was elusive for
him was actually already pres-
ent and available within the
ancient traditions, however he
solely sought to prove his theo-
ries through science, which is
often devoid of heart.
Movies such as the Transcen-
dent Man, featuring Ray Kurz-
weil, suggest that in order for us
to survive we must de-prioritize
our humanity and quite literally
blend with technology. He sug-
gests that the future will require
us to implant chips so that we
can "keep up" with information
technology and other advance-
ments. In short, he suggests we
will be dependent upon technol-
ogy for our survival; that being a
human will not be enough!
Is humanity being pulled to a
new way of living that will chal-
lenge everything we have ever
known? And more importantly,
will we survive the transition?
Are people like Kurzweil right?
This is "The Information Age,"
so does Unification have to in-
clude technology? Does unify-
ing with others mean that you
give up your sense of self? These
are important questions. Anyone
who has been in a true partner-
ship with another person recog-
nizes there is a stage one passes
through where autonomy seems
to be lost. Yet, the expansion
of love, trust and capacity that
come through the partnership
experience quickly dissolve any
egoic need for a smaller self.
Technology, for the most part,
is an extension of the brain. It
is intended to support us, not
enslave us! It was Einstein him-
self who shared: "Information is
NOT knowledge!" Yet the fas-
cination with information and
technology often loses knowl-
edge in the chatter. Information,
and even knowledge, require
Wisdom for it to be harmonious
and beneficial. Wisdom comes
from holding a greater context to
apply knowledge gained.
Many people are fascinated
by the Mayan calendar and the
idea that we are in a new flow.
Certainly the Age we are in is
coming to an End... so what
does that mean? Witnessing so
much transition, chaos and stim-
ulation, one seeks to unify it in
some way: to derive meaning
rather than just feeling the con-
stant bombardment of chaos.
This unsettled experience is
the energy that has called for-
ward the Unification MoleculeTM
again! It can be frightening to
our egos as we are called to lift
into a transcendent context. This
unifying particle of energy flows
through you and causes you to
"sense" at a greater level. It often
gifts you with inner knowing and
greater future vision. It is the
common seed that exists within
all beings and is the essential