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Yoga which is Samadhi, the fu-
sion of the finite with the Infinite
Consciousness. The urge is to go
back to our Parent Source.
Sergio: Why is the guidance
of a guru or meditation mas-
ter important to the practice of
yogiraj: Yoga is a natural pro-
cess of the journey of the soul
towards its parent source, the
Spirit. But it takes a million, mil-
lion years for a soul to reach its
natural state of Yoga-union with
its Infinite Spirit.
In order to avoid all karmic
pitfalls and difficulties and to
make the journey of our soul
safer, swifter, and more blessed,
it is most important that one
evolves himself in his journey
by the grace of a divine master,
one who has realized Samadhi-
Yoga, or the True State of Infinite
What a normal meditation
practitioner would take to ac-
complish in several million
years, the blessings of a Satgu-
ru, or Master, and the technique
of Kriya Yoga would accomplish
in twenty-four years, in twelve
years even, and, if the practice is
intensified, in six years and three
years in very exceptional cases.
In the unchartered ocean of
life, the Satguru is the naviga-
tor and the goal is Shiva's Di-
vine Form, or realized Samadhi
Yoga, the goal of Divine Con-
sciousness. Under no stretch of
imagination, can the Satguru's
usefulness be dispensed with-
in Himalayan Yoga or any yoga.
Sergio: What then is Kriya
Yoga? how does it differ from
other systems of Yoga?
yogiraj: At the outset let me
make it clear that all the yogas
and faiths and spiritual practices
in the world are the symphony of
one divine orchestra, it is the im-
mature ego in the human mind
which makes of this harmony a
disharmony. All the yogas, if
understood in their proper wis-
dom, are flowing one into the
other as the musical notes and
varied instruments. Similarly, the
practice of postural yoga, of Yoga
Asanas flows into Hatha Yoga
which flows into Kriya Yoga,
which flows into Raja Yoga and
then into Samadhi Yoga.
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As a matter of real fact, Kriya
Yoga takes the best of all yogas:
it is a connecting yoga between
Hatha and Raja Yogas containing
the properties of both and link-
ing the spectrum of all. Patan-
jali mentions Kriya Yoga in his
second chapter which comprises
self-endeavored discipline, self-
endeavored study, and a pure
offering of one's self to the Di-
vine, be it as Guru or God.
Kriya Yoga is the science of
life-force energy control which
develops into a concentration
and then a meditative practice
until Kriya Yoga finally merges
that into states of Samadhi and
is then qualified to be called
Raja Yoga.
When the mind is dissolved,
then this yoga expands into the
ecstasy of total enlightenment
called Kaivalya or Brahma Nir-
vana. It is from and with this
total enlightenment that the Sat-
guru guides aspiring practitio-
ners towards Samadhi, home, to
their Parent Source.
For over 40 years, Yogiraj Sidd-
hanath has healed and transformed
millions all over the world with his
kundalini shakti transmissions, shar-
ing freely his own Samadhi (enlight-
ened state) of peaceful bliss-con-
sciousness with public audiences.
Yogiraj commences the U.S. leg of his
2011 World Tour in mid-July with
"experiential chats" in San Francis-
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