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Plan is religious. We have to es-
tablish a universal understand-
ing about the nature of reality
and our physical, mental, emo-
tional, and spiritual selves.
Makua's perception was that
organized religions have been a
serious impediment to the growth
of this awareness of humanity for
the last 2000 years. Religious
differences are the hardest to
bridge, but progress is being
made. This is a very important
point because all the problems
of the world have been gener-
ated by religious conflicts.
The last division of the Plan
is science. Makua talked about
a new synthesis that was com-
ing into being, a conjoining of
the tangible and the intangible
to bring science and spirituality
together. This conjoining will en-
able an extension of our senses
and allow us to access a hidden
world that lies behind the veil.
Makua said that all spiritual
seekers and teachers need to dis-
cover what their part is in the
Ancestral Plan and they need to
do it right now.
Randy: Why is that?
hank: The old cycle is wind-
ing down and coming to an end.
As we come into the center of
the spiral, everything is unravel-
ing quickly. In the geophysical
realm, we have earthquakes,
tornadoes and tsunamis. There's
also financial pressure on Wall
Street and disasters in the politi-
cal world.
All of our institutions, in a
sense, are failing us at this time
because everything is unravel-
ing. There will come a point
where everything stops for a
millisecond, and then the spiral
will begin to expand outward
once again. Energy flowing into
the spiral will make it move very
This Ancestral Plan forms the
foundation on which the next
cycle will be built. We need to
decide exactly what kind of a
world we want to pass on to our
Randy: Did Makua believe in
the coming of the Messiah?
hank: It's a misunderstanding
that a messiah is going to come
and save us. He said the real
messiah is in each of us in our
hearts. That's the Bowl of Light
that connects us to our godself,
our oversoul. Each one of us is
the messiah. There is no mes-
siah who is going to rescue the
world, unless we are the ones
who do it.
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