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people, not just their political
allies. The negative polarity of
the chief is abuse of power --
tyranny, do it my way.
Randy: From which polarity
does President Obama func-
hank: President Obama is an
authentically initiated chief. On
the heels of the last administra-
tion, the pendulum has swung
widely to the opposite polarity.
Randy: Can you talk about
Makua's notion of the Ancestral
Grand Plan?
hank: Makua talked about a
Plan that was set into motion
by the ancestors in the mythic
past. Four hundred years ago,
the Kahunas of the South Pacific
perceived that the time would
come when the white people
would arrive. At that time, the
people would not be ready to
receive the spiritual knowledge
of which the Kahunas were the
Sacred Caretakers, and the Books
of Knowledge would be closed.
This is a metaphor because
they didn't have books; it was
an oral tradition. The knowledge
was to be concealed and kept in
family lineages for a very long
time until a certain pattern ap-
peared in the stars. When this
pattern appeared, the people of
wisdom and power could speak
once again and offer their truth
to the world. This pattern ap-
peared in 1991. From that time,
Makua began to share his knowl-
edge with outsiders.
According to Makua, each of
us has an ancestral lineage from
our mothers and fathers. We also
have the lineage of all our for-
mer selves, which are carved
into our Higher Self or Oversoul
Field. And we have our personal
ancestors and spiritual ancestors
who support us from behind the
The Ancestral Grand Plan
involves visionary experiences
which lead each of us to step
out of what we think we are and
become all of who we really are.
The Plan lies always ahead of
each spiritual aspirant.
The first role of the Plan is
to expand the consciousness of
humankind. This involves in-
creasing our spirituality, our self-
assurance, and our knowledge,
especially in order to clear up
doubt. Doubts are formidable
adversaries because they keep
us in confusion and separation.
You can see this exemplified by
competing versions of Christi-
anity that create separation. The
time for separation is over.
The second goal of the Plan
is for all elders, both eastern
and western, to bring their fam-
ily members, students, spiritual
aspirants and colleagues, and
engage with each other objec-
tively, subjectively, intuitively,
and eventually telepathically.
Our responsibilities include
discovering what we are meant
to bridge into the world, in addi-
tion to the gifts that we are here
to offer, the lessons we are here
to work on, our life roles, and
our personal growth as an em-
bodied soul.
We can help clarify and re-
fine the vision. The vision itself
permeates all of us and it chang-
es as we change ourselves. He
was quite adamant that nothing
is set in stone -- not scripture,
not sutras, not ceremony.
Randy: Can you talk about
the three different levels of the
Plan that Makua identified?
hank: Yes. The three levels of
the Plan are political, religious
and scientific. The first goal of
the political work is to develop
international links to the world
through the vehicle of con-
sciousness itself.
The foundation for these links
has to be based in compassion
and aloha. This aloha, this con-
sciousness, will create a founda-
tion and then embody a spirit of
international interdependence
and interrelationship based on
this aloha. This is the foundation
on which we have to build the
next cycle of ages.
To fulfill the political level of
the Plan, Makua said that isola-
tion, separateness, exclusiveness,
and the cultivation of national-
ism have to go. Our nationalist
legalisms, colored by our sense
of superiority and furthered by
class and tribal hatred, as well
as racial and religious antagon-
isms, all have to go as well. These
constitute a formidable barrier
to the true development of our
humanity and our interconnec-
tion in spirit.
The second division of the
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10, 2011
at the
Sedona, Arizona
A conference for
inspired women with: